Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 Press Conference notes and photos

20 September, 2016 Xiaomi ROAD FC 033 will take place on 24 September, 2016 at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. The fight week press conference was held on 20 September at the ROAD FC official Apgujeong Gym. In attendance were Main Eventers Mighty Mo and Choi Hong-Man, Hong Young-Ki, Lim Hae-In, and ROAD Girls Lim Ji-Wu and Wang Ji-Yun.

ROAD FC CEO President Jung Mun-Hong stated the reason for the move from 10 September in China to 24 September in Korea was at the fans’ and sponsors’ requests to have the Openweight Tournament Final between Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo in South Korea. There is no change to the broadcast agreement with CCTV, and ROAD FC will continue to hold events in China.

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New ROAD Girls Lim Ji-Wu and Wang Ji-Yun were introduced. Lim Ji-Wu was selected because of her immense popularity and following in China as a beautiful Korean model. Wang Ji-Yun was Miss Seoul in the 2009 Miss Korea pageant, and is excited to make her round card girl debut in the world of MMA.

At the beginning of the conference, photo opportunities were presented. Openweight Tournament Finalists Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo posed with the beautiful new ROAD FC Championship belt.

During the question and answer session, all four attending fighters spoke.

Choi Hong-Man stated that he is at the peak of his condition, and is ready to prove it. He said he has been working on evading the big punches he knows will come from Mo, however he is ready to show off his own KO power once again. Choi became very agitated and exclaimed to Mighty Mo,

“I have been training so hard for this fight. You’re responsible for all my problems, and I’m going to pay you back for it,” and then he slammed his fist on the table.

Mighty Mo calmly replied to Choi Hong-Man,

“I’m a man of action. Hong-Man Choi, here’s my action,” and he knocked over the microphone as if it were his opponent, symbolizing a KO. Mighty Mo said that his driving ambition is still his ten children, who are between the ages of 2 and 24. By being a fighter, he hopes to show them how to succeed during life’s challenges.

Hong Young-Ki will face Hiroto Uesako as the Co-Main Event. Hong is a Taekwondo master and trained with 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist Cha Dong-Min. He was questioned about Taekwondo several times.

Hong Young-Ki stated,

“I don’t consider myself a representative of Taekwondo. I just want to prove that Taekwondo fighters have strength. My goal is of course become the ROAD FC champion.”

Debutant female fighter Kim Hae-In, also a Taekwondo practitioner, said that the training has been very difficult for her first MMA fight, however, she is eager to show off her cross training and grappling when she gets into the cage.

ROAD FC Young Guns 029 has had a change to the Main Event. Kim Young-Geun will replace Cho Young-Seung against Jang Dae-Young. Also, Choi Gyeong-Eui will replace Baik Seung-Min against Lee Jeong-Young.

ROAD FC 2016

Another event for Korea has been previously announced for 10 December. Superstar action actor Kim Bo-Sung will take up the challenge of his life to fight for real in the cage, with the proceeds to benefit children with cancer, as part of the “ROAD FC Love Sharing” community charity project.

CEO Jung also revealed that ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Kwon A-Sol will be defending his title on that event, against the winner of Shinji Sasaki versus Bruno Miranda.

ROAD FC 2017

ROAD FC will host at least 20 events across Asia in 2017. The ROAD FC 10 Billion Won Tournament is still in the planning stages in terms of start date and weight division. Details will be released at a further date.

Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 033

Date: Saturday, 24 September, 2016

Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea

17:00 Young Guns 29

20:00 ROAD FC 033
Tickets here.

Live on SuperAction in Korea

Live on CCTV5 in China

Live around the world on Epicentre here.

  • Openweight Tournament Championship Final
    Choi Hong-Man vs Mighty Mo
  • Featherweight Match
    Hong Young-Ki VS Uesako Hiroto

-72.5 Catchweight Match Shinji Sasaki vs Bruno Miranda

  • Bantamweight Match
    Kim Min-Woo VS Nezu Yuta
  • Lightweight Match
    Park Won-Sik vs Abe Ukyo
  • Lightweight Match
    Nandin Erdene vs Ki Won-Bin
  • Women’s -54 Catchweight Match
    Lin Heqin vs Kim Hae-In
  • Middleweight Match
    Kim Nae-Chul vs Park Jung-Kyo


  • Bantamweight Match
    Kim Young-Geun vs Jang Dae-Young
  • -64kg Catchweight Match
    Yang Junkai VS Jang Ik-Hwan
  • Featherweight Match
    Lee Hoo-Sun VS Kim Se-Yeong
  • Featherweight Match
    Lee Jeong-Young VS Choi Gyeong-Eui
  • Middleweight Match
    Oh-Jae-Sung VS Kim Ji-Hun
  • Flyweight Match
    Kim Kyu-Hwa VS Kim Tae-Gyun
  • Welterweight Match
    Stuart Gooch VS Choi Won-Jun









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