Xiaomi ROAD FC 034 Official results, recap, and photos

19 November, 2016 ROAD Fighting Championship held Xiaomi ROAD FC 034 in Shijiazhuang, China on 19 November, 2016. The crowd of 8,000 on hand were very vocal for the hometown favorite Zhang Jianjun, and were deafening for the well-known Song Kenan, Yan Xiaonan and Aorigele. It was an event filled with thrillers, drama, and the pride of victory.

ROAD FC 034 Main Card

Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom took on challenger Murat Kazgan as the Main Event match. Early in the first round, Kazgan looked strong, threw overhand rights, and caught a kick that put Choi on the ground. Choi quickly recovered and began a technical and painful assault on Kazgan’s left leg, and blitzed him with punches. Final kicks to the body took the will out of Kazgan, and he was not able to answer the bell for round 2. Choi Mu-Gyeom retained his ROAD FC Featherweight title for the third time with another impressive performance.

Massive Aorigele faced warhorse Kawaguchi Yusuke in an openweight match, and Aorigele’s weight difference made all the difference in the world. He rushed with abandon at the much more experienced Kawaguchi, overwhelmed him, knocked him to the ground, then smashed his face in until the referee stopped the fight.

Yan Xiaonan faced her toughest opponent to date in Emi Fujino and the clash between two of Asia’s best female fighters did not disappoint. They threw everything they had at each other from the sound of the bell, with Fujino mixing in her grinding wrestling and Yan throwing amazing head kicks. The unfortunate ending came when both butted heads in a flurry, opening up a deep cut in Fujino’s brow, and by the ROAD FC rules being judged a No Contest.

Wrestlers punching each other was the tone of the two round war between Shim Gun-Oh and Hou Zhenlin. Late in the second round, Shim almost finished it with a knockdown, but the very tough Hou lasted to the bell. Shim’s had was raised in a decision victory.

Zhang Jianjun had Kim Dae-Sung down early in the match, but the tide turned in an instant, when Kim was able to take the back to get a tap to a rear naked choke.

Jo Nam-Jin and Alateng Heili met for the second time but with higher stakes: the ROAD FC Flyweight title contender shot.

Dong Xin and La In-Jae opened up the main card with an incredibly brutal three rounds of action. From Dong’s battering rib kicks and punches to the face, and La’s cement chin and ground control, the scorecards came to a Draw.

Young Guns 30

Ma Haobin looked spectacular against a very technical Kim Hyo-Ryeong. Ma’s relentless tackles and active striking easily scored him the win.

Hong Jung-Ki came in with good grappling against underdog Alateng Burigede who had the crowd on his side. Burigede had strong moments, but Hong was able to dominate most of the fight and earned the Unanimous Decision.

China Trials for the ROAD FC $1 Million Tournament

Rodrigo Caporal shot over and over in round 1 against Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu, but the tough Mongolian defended to round 2. Then he mounted a comeback with counter punches, with Caporal ending strong with a takedown to mount and pounding. Caporal was deducted ten points per round for missing weight, therefore the scorecards turned in Khuukhenkhuu’s favor.

Habiti showed off his amazing grappling against Tao Shuoyu’s toughness by latching on to everything possible and finally getting the second round tap to an armbar.

In a technical match of kicks, Huang Zhenyue’s knees in the clinch outpointed Yu Changzhao’s takedowns to get the decision win.

Shang Lianru made a huge statement in the opening match on the China Trials by blasting Nuertiebieke Habetihan with punches that knocked him down, then followed up with pounding to get the fast win.

Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 034

Date: Saturday, 19 November, 2016

Place: Hebei Gymnasium, Shijiazhuang, China

Official Results

#8 ROAD FC Featherweight Championship

Choi Mu-Gyeom defeats Murat Kazgan by TKO, Retirement R2 0:00

#7 Openweight

Aorigele defeats Kawaguchi Yusuke by TKO, R1 2:38

#6 Women’s -52kg

Emi Fujino vs Yan Xiaonan No Contest, headbutt injury to Fujino, R1 2:48

#5 Welterweight

Elnur Agaev defeats Song Kenan by Unanimous Decision

#4 Openweight

Shim Gun-Oh defeats Hou Zhenlin by Unanimous Decision

#3 -100kg

Kim Dae-Sung defeats Zhang Jianjun by Submission, rear naked choke, R1

#2 Flyweight

Alateng Heili vs Jo Nam-Jin DRAW

#1 Welterweight

Dong Xin vs La In-Jae DRAW

Young Guns 30

#2 Flyweight

Ma Haobin defeats Kim Hyo-Ryeong by Unanimous Decision

#1 Featherweight

Hong Jung-Gi defeats Alateng Burigede by Unanimous Decision

China Trials

#4 -70kg

Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu defeats Rodrigo Caporal by Unanimous Decision (miss weight penalty of -10 pts/rd)

#3 -70kg

Tuerxunbieke Habiti defeats Tao Shuoyu by Submission, armbar, R2 3:15

#2 -70kg

Huang Zhenyue defeats Yu Changzhao by Unanimous Decision

#1 -70kg

Shang Lianru defeats Nuertiebieke Habetihan by TKO, R 1 1:22

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