Xiaomi ROAD FC 034 Official Weigh In results and broadcast schedule

18 November, 2016 ROAD Fighting Championship presents today’s Official Weigh In Results for Xiaomi ROAD FC 034 which will be held tomorrow, 19 November in Shijiazhuang, China.

On the Main Card, all fighters successfully made weight. ROAD FC Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom will make his third title defense against Turkish sensation Murat Kazgan. Without needing a weight cut, Aorigele takes on the much more experienced Kawaguchi Yusuke.

Yan Xiaonan and Fujino Emi will make it a slugfest between two of the most brutal cross-continental female fighters in Asia as Fujino successfully made the lower division cut. China’s rising Song Kenan and powerful Russian Elnur Agaev looked to be in excellent form.

Champion wrestlers Hou Zhenlin and Shim Gun-Oh showed the most fire in their faceoff at openweight. Strongman Champion Zhang Jianjun and newly reformed tough guy Kim Dae-Sung were respectful.

Flyweight title hopefuls Alatengheili and Jo Nam-Jin squared off against each other for the second time, and sparks were flying. Opening the card, Dong Xin and In-Jae were calm on the stage, but expect an exciting striker’s showcase in the cage.

On the preliminary card, Young Guns 30 match #2 Ma Haobin and Kim Hyo-Ryeong are two up and coming stars who were excited to face off. In match #1, Alateng Heili’s brother Burigede and Hong Jung-Gi exuded the win-or-die-trying mentality.

In the four China Trials matches, all but one fighter made weight. Rodrigo Caporal came in 1.5kgs over the allowance and will be penalized, while his opponent Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu will be seeded in the ROAD FC $1 Million Lightweight Tournament no matter the outcome of this match. Caporal must pass a second Trials for a chance to be seeded.

Tuerxunbieke Habiti and Tao Shuoyu looked extremely fit and solemn. Yu Changzhao and Huang Zhenyue, along with Nuertiebieke Habetihan and Shang Lianru started off the weigh ins with respectful faceoffs.

Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 034

Date: Saturday, 19 November, 2016

Place: Hebei Gymnasium, Shijiazhuang, China

Live in China on CCTV CNTV.com 16:00CST

Live in South Korea on SuperAction 19:30KST

Live in South Korea and Japan on Afreeca.com 19:30K/JST

Live internationally on Epicentre.com 18:30CST

15:00 Doors open

16:00 Young Guns 30 and China Trials

18:30 Main Card

Featherweight Championship

Choi Mu-Gyeom VS Murat Kazgan

Choi Mu-Gyeom : 65.7kg(Pass)

Murat Kazgan : 66kg(Pass)

Openweight Match

Aorigele VS Kawaguchi Yusuke

Aorigele : 152kg

Kawaguchi Yusuke : 102.5kg

Strawweight Match

Yan Xiaonan VS Fujino Emi

Yan Xiaonan : 52.4kg(Pass)

Fujino Emi : 52.4kg(Pass)

Welterweight Match

Song Kenan VS Elnur Agaev

Song Kenan : 77.1kg(Pass)

Elnur Agaev : 77.4kg(Pass)

Openweight Match

Hou Zhenlin VS Shim Gun-Oh

Hou Zhenlin : 117.3kg

Shim Gun-Oh : 126kg

-100kg Catchweight Match

Zhang Jianjun VS Kim Dae-Sung

Zhang Jianjun : 97.7kg(Pass)

Kim Dae-Sung : 99kg(Pass)

Flyweight Match

Alateng Heili VS Jo Nam-Jin

Alateng Heili : 57.45(Pass)

Jo Nam-Jin : 57.4kg(Pass)

Welterweight Match

Dong Xin VS La In-Jae

Dong Xin : 77.15kg(Pass)

La In-Jae : 77.3kg(Pass)

Young Guns 30

6 Flyweight 2r

Ma Haobin vs Kim Hyo-Ryeong

Ma Haobin : 57.1kg(Pass)

Kim Hyo-Ryeong : 57.3kg(Pass)

5 Featherweight 2r

Alateng Burigede vs Hong Jung-Gi

Alateng Burigede :66kg(Pass)

Hong Jung-Gi :65.9kg(Pass)

China Trials

4 China Trials Lightweight Match

Rodrigo Caporal vs Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu

Rodrigo Caporal : 72kg (FAIL) *

Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu :70.2kg(Pass) **
*Penalties: Deduct 10 points per round, deduct purse, must attend 2nd Trials for seeding
** Seeded in Tournament, win or lose

3 China Trials Lightweight Match

Tuerxunbieke Habiti vs Tao Shuoyu

Tuerxunbieke Habiti : 70.4kg(Pass)

Tao Shuoyu : 70.5kg(Pass)

2 China Trials Lightweight Match

Yu Changzhao vs Huang Zhenyue

Yu Changzhao : 70.3kg(Pass)

Huang Zhenyue : 70.2kg(Pass)

1 China Trials Lightweight Match

Nuertiebieke Bahetihan vs Shang Lianru

Nuertiebieke Bahetihan : 70.3 kg(Pass)

Shang Lianru : 69.9 kg(Pass)

By: Roberto Villa