ROAD Fighting Championship announces the official results for Xiaomi ROAD FC 041 which took place on August 12, 2017 in Wonju, South Korea at the Wonju Gymnasium

In the main event, Myung Hyun-Man and Chris Barnett did not disappoint in their rematch from their unfortunate first No Contest. Myung hurt Barnett with kicks, and Chris came back with fierce clinching and work inside. In the second round, Myung landed a low knee which called for a time stop, and on the return both men rushed in with punches. Myung landed a right to the chin that sent Barnett face down on the canvas.

Myung, “I think I’m just beginning. I’ve been stubborn with my kickboxing, but I want to evolve. I don’t care who I face, I’ll beat up anyone.”

Barnett, “I enjoyed myself. I know how it ended, but I am perfectly fine. Hit my music!” And he “b-boyed” his exit!

Maesawa Tomo and Lee Ye-Ji put on a wonderful match to celebrate the technical progression of women’s MMA in Asia. Lee was brilliant in the first round with striking and takedown defense, but Maesawa’s grappling skills slowly took the edge and gave her the win by split decision.

Jake Heun and Choi Mu-Bae each played to their strengths and put on a brutal 3-round war. Heun cracked Choi over and over, and earned the win on points, but Choi and his tough skull showed exactly why he’s a legend at 47.

Heun, “Give Choi Mu-Bae a huge round of applause, he’s a legend. Thank you Korea and ROAD. Mighty Mo, where are you at?”

Choi, “I made my debut at 31, and now I’m 47. I’m one of the few Koreans with a Pride FC trophy. I’m going to learn new techniques and evolve. It’s not about winning, it’s about lasting, and gives me more motivation to research and do it again. To all the middle aged men, do your thing and have confidence!”

Bruno Miranda and Ki Won-Bin showed a more patient approach than they are known for in their $1 Million Tournament reserve match. As they warmed up, the hands flew and both men got knockdowns, but Miranda had the upper hand, literally, and demolished Ki standing.

Miranda, “Korea is my second home now, I love the support you give me. I want $1 million, I will fight anybody.”

In the rematch between “Crying Fist” foes, Jang Dae-Young and Park Hyung-Geun put on a brutal and emotional performance. Jang lived up to his promise that he would be able to overcome the earlier split decision win and get a knock out.

Jang, “Sometimes you make mistakes, and I made a big one last time. For 4 months I only thought about Park. I want to thank my family and my team.”

Young Guns 35

The Young Guns 35 preliminaries showcased some incredible performances by Korean fighters. Out of seven fights, there were three knock outs and three submissions. Yoo Jae-Nam finally got back in the win column and Shin Seung-Min showed why hes a hot prospect with a knockout in under 30 seconds.

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 041

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wonju Gymnasium, Wonju, South Korea


Openweight Match

Myung Hyun-Man def Chris Barnett by TKO, R2 1:48

Women’s Atomweight Match

Maesawa Tomo def Lee Ye-Ji by Split Decision, 2:0, 1 Draw

Openweight Match

Jake Heun def Choi Mu-Bae by Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Tournament Reserve Match

Bruno Miranda def Ki Won-Bin by TKO, R1 4:36

Bantamweight Match

Jang Dae-Young def Park Hyun-Geun by Submission, RNC, R1 2:12

Middleweight Match

Park Jung-Kyo def Kim Ji-Hoon by TKO, R1 3:36

Young Guns 35

-60 Catchweight Match

Yoo Jae-Nam def Satsuma Tasuhito by Submission, RNC, R1 2:43

Featherweight Match

Shin Seung-Min def Min Kyeong-Chul by KO, R1 0:26

Women’s -50kg Catchweight Match

Shim Yu-Ri def Baek Hyeon-Ju by Submission, RNC, R2 1:15

Flyweight Match

Jeong Won-Hee def Seo Dong-Soo by KO, R1 1:14

Middleweight Match

Hwang In-Su def Lee Jong-Hwan by TKO, R1 2:47

Flyweight Match

Kim Jin-Yong def Kim Hyo-Ryeong by Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight Match

Hong Jong-Tae def Lee Seong-Su by Submission, RNC, R2 4:52


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