Xiaomi ROAD FC 042 Official weigh in results

September 22, 2017 – ROAD Fighting Championship announces that all fighters have made weight for Xiaomi ROAD FC 042, which will be held during the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival in Chungju, South Korea this coming Saturday, September 23. There will be a total of seven matches on the Young Guns 36 undercard, and five on the main card.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 042 Main Card

Aorigele vs Masuda Yusuke

Aorigele, “It’s an honor to be here and an honor to do my best. I will finish it fast.”

Masuda Yusuke, “It’s my first time in ROAD FC and it’s an honor to be the main event in my debut. I will do my best.”

Minowa Man vs Yoon Dong-Sik

Yoon Dong-Sik, “There’s a story between me and Minowa. After debuting in Pride, I was living in Japan. Minowa was a superstar there. He came to the gym I was at. One day we had the opportunity to practice together. I know the fans are going to enjoy this.”

Minowa Man, “I’m honored to be at ROAD FC and face off with Yoon Dong-Sik. I will do my best for my fans and everyone at ROAD FC.”

Kim Chang-Hee vs Shim Gun-Oh

Shim Gun-Oh, “I changed my name twice so I guess fans are a bit confused. I will do my best as Shim Gun-Oh.”

Kim Chang-Hee, “Just like last time, I will show you a fiery match.”

Shin Dong-Guk vs Imai Shunya

Fireman Shin Dong-Guk, “I just lost two of my fellow firefighters recently. They were doing their job, and were lost in the line of duty. I want everyone to try and live safely.”

Young Guns 36

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 042

Chungju World Martial Arts Festival

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chungju World Martial Arts Stadium, Chungju, South Korea

17:00 Young Guns 36 start

20:00 Main Card start

Live on MBC Sports+2 in Korea

Live on PandaTV in China

Live on SportsfixTV in SE Asia

Live on YouTube ROAD FC Channel Internationally

Openweight Match

Aorigele (159.1) vs Masuda Yusuke (103.3)

Middleweight Match

Minowa Man (82.5) vs Yoon Dong-Sik (84.3)

Openweight Match

Kim Chang-Hee (162.4) vs Shim Gun-Oh (132.2)

Lightweight Match

Shin Dong-Guk (70.4) vs Imai Shunya (70.3)

Bantamweight Match

Jang Ik-Hwan (61.9) vs Emil Abbasov (61.1)

Young Guns 36

-86 kg Catchweight Match

Kim Eun-Soo (86.4) vs Magomed Mutaev (86.0)

Women’s Atomweight Match

Park Jung-Eun (48.1) vs Park Si-Woo (48.2)

Bantamweight Match

Shin Seung-Min (61.7) vs He Jianwei (62.4 Fail, 61.9 pass – deduct 50% purse)

Flyweight Match

Kim Sung-Jae (57.5) vs Park Su-Wan (57.4)

Welterweight Match

Lim Byeong-Ha (77.3) vs Lim Yong-Joo* (75.0) *Replaces injured Kim Deok-Soo

Lightweight Match

Cho Young-Jun (70.4) vs Jin Tae-Ho (70.3)

Bantamweight Match

Park Jin (61.8) vs Park Sung-Jun (61.8)


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