1 On 1 with Brandon “Quick draw” Lowe

Monday November 30, 2015– Brandon Lowe is a young and upcoming fighter who fights out of Shamrock FC under a 3 fight contract, and with Shamrock FC singing a deal with Bellator MMA Lowe made his debut at Bellator 145. His debut didn’t go as planned as he was finished in the first round by TKO. Even though his debut didn’t go as planned, Lowe is determined to show all of the MMA world that he is the real deal and that his lost was a onetime thing. Being a pro for over 7 years now, Lowe started his career as a senior in high school as a wrestler, but after being a wrestler he decided it was time to take his career choice to the next level by taking his first MMA fight while he was still a senior in high school. Fighting was not just something that he wanted to do with his life, but also to keep his head on his shoulders and not make bad choices. Lowe had a tough upbringing and instead of making the wrong decisions and getting into trouble he decided to put his anger in the right places like training to become a professional MMA fighter.

After being off for a year Lowe made his return to the octagon at Bellator 145, and having a long layoff Lowe hit the gym full steam ahead. While working out two or three times a day, Brandon didn’t give himself much time for rest and in the long run it began to take a toll on him. Prior to the fight Lowe did a lot of the nutrition part of training on his own, now going forward Lowe has made the decision to bring on a professional nutritionist to make his training camp easier and filling up his body with all the right nutrients at all times. While preparing for this fight Lowe really stuck to live drills, during his whole training camp he did everything he could to train like it was the actual fight and with a big weight cut that’s a lot to ask from your body. On the other side Lowe is a warrior and will do whatever he needs to do to make weight and put himself in the right position to win the fight. With a lot of pressure riding into to the fight Lowe had a lot on his shoulders, but outside of all of that he felt that he was 100% ready for his opponent. When the fight started Lowes opponent Rashard Lovelace came out with a different look than what Lowe was expecting.

Lowe said

“He threw some more hands than I expected. I didn’t expect all the kicks and I took a shot and got myself into trouble”.

Lowe was defeated by TKO (Punches) in the 1st round, but even though he was defeated by punches Lowe still feels that he has a great stand up game. Lowes strongest point in his game is as a wrestler, but he feels that all of his coaches at The War Room in Chicago really help him get his stand up game to where it needs to be and that if it came down to it he can stand and bang with the best of them.

Outside of the cage Brandon is a normal guy who spends the majority of his time on training at the War Room in Wood River Illinois, but outside he does the best he can to hang out with his friends and just try and live a normal life. Any fighter who is trying to make this there life knows what it takes to get to the top, and that’s 100% focus at all times. With that also comes double days or training, being in and out of the gym all day is time consuming. While trying to work in time with his friends and training, Brandon is an outdoors men, loving to do a little hunting, and fishing and also even spending times with his dogs Rocky and Jenn. When I asked Lowe about his lost and what is in his future plans he said that his manager is in negotiations with Shamrock FC for a future fight in January. Brandon really wants to show all Bellator fans what he is, that even with this lost there is a lot more to him and the future is very bright. With plans to move out to California and possibly train with team Alpha Male the future is very bright for Quick Draw Lowe, and all of the MMA world is ready to see what he can bring to the octagon in his next fight.

Rick San Bartolome

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