10 Best Core Sliders Exercises for a Ripped Stomach

If you have been performing ab exercises for a while yet cannot see the results, then it is time to add new equipment to your routine. Sliders are designed to increase the intensity of your workouts. These small round discs in your gym may seem just an ordinary thing, but in reality, they have a lot more to do for your body.

The sliders push you to work out and also help in improving your exercise posture. The sliders are easy to use in the exercises, and with them, you get to control the entire movement, which means that your all body muscles are engaged.  

For ab workouts, you can use these sliders as well. They will help you to see the results that you have always wanted.

Best Core Slider Exercises 

Some of the best core sliders exercises that you can do to achieve a perfectly toned ab include:

  1. Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are a power move that increases your heart rate, challenges your muscle, test your balance, and gives the right burn to your muscles. Using a core slider in this exercise can make it tough yet effective. You will need to place the sliders under your toes for this exercise.

  • Start in a high plank position with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Dig your right foot to the floor, and slide it forward to bring your right knee to the chest.
  • Slide your right foot back and then, at the same time, slide your left foot forward towards your chest.
  • Do it on alternate foot and increase the speed gradually. Move fast to increase your heart rate. Balance your movement.
  1. Knee Tuck

Knee tucks target your abdominal muscles and make them stronger. With consistent training, you can build a stronger core, along with working on your balance. You should place the sliders under your toes in this exercise to get the most out of it.

  • Start with a high plank position. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Dig your right foot to the floor and slide it forward, bringing it towards the chest.
  • Pause here for a second, then take it back to its original position.
  • Slide your left foot forward now.
  • Continue and remember to take it slow for a lower ab burn.
  1. Elbow Plank

Performing planks to build your core strength is the best exercise. There are many variations that you can do in these planks, and one of them is elbow plank. You can either hold it or can slide forward for the enhanced burn. The sliders here help you correct your posture and improve your balance in holding a plank.

  • Lay down on your mat with your face towards the mat.
  • Push yourself upwards and rest on your elbows and toes.
  • Squeeze your abs in for a controlled movement.
  • You can hold it here or move your one hand away from the body diagonally.
  • Aim to do it for at least one minute.
  1. Body Saw

Body saw is an effective exercise that works your multiple muscle groups such as triceps, biceps, shoulders, and core muscles. You need to rock your body back and forward, so using a slider can help make it more challenging.

  • Set your body in an elbow plank position, with sliders right under your toes.
  • Slide your body as far as you can without losing core engagement.
  • Remember to engage your core at all times.
  • Do it slowly, and if it seems difficult, stop right there.
  1. Plank Jack

The plank jack is a specific ab workout that increases your heart rate and strengthens your core muscles simultaneously. The exercise improves your core strength, burns calories, and increases the intensity of your ab workouts. The slider plank jacks challenge your body and improve your balance and coordination.

  • Start in a high plank position with your wrists directly below your shoulders.
  • Engage your core and glutes.
  • Slide your feet in and out, away from the body.
  • Your hips should not bounce.
  • Move faster for an enhanced cardio challenge.
  1. Twisted Mountain Climber

Twisted mountain climbers work on your oblique muscles and tone your body. They are a great cardio ab workout that reduces belly fat. You need to engage your abs completely while doing this exercise to gain maximum benefits.

  • Start in a high plank position.
  • Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Slide your left knee and touch it with your right elbow.
  • Bring it back to its original position.
  • Now, slide your right knee to touch with your left elbow.
  • Increase the intensity gradually.
  1. Spiderman Plank

Spiderman plank is an effective ab workout. It is easy to do but requires a better form. You need to engage your core to do this workout. They help you strengthen your body, improve your posture, and align the body. The sliders here challenge you to practice the correct form.

  • Start in an elbow plank position, with your elbows under your shoulders and feet hip-width apart.
  • Now slide your right knee to touch your right elbow.
  • Take it back to the original position; now slide your left knee to your left elbow.
  • Exercise for at least one minute.
  1. Bunny Hops

Bunny hops are considered a complete body workout as they require focus, balance, and attention. They burn a lot of calories and improve your posture. You need to be careful while doing bunny hops with core sliders. You should also control your movement to avoid any injury.

  • Squat down and put your hands on the floor.
  • Your hands should remain on the floor, and you should also bend your knees.
  • Jump your feet towards the right and then left.
  • Balance your legs and arms, and speed it up for better results.
  1. Pike Planks

Pike planks are effective in burning belly fat. They also help you gain strength in your shoulders, chest, and arm muscles. You can easily do this exercise by using a core slider. It will help you increase your range of motion and practice a better exercise form.

  • Start in a high plank, hand shoulder-width apart, shoulder just above wrists.
  • Remember to engage your core, and slide your feet towards your hands while pushing your butt towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your legs straight, but bend your knees a little if you are unable to do so.
  • Pause here and then return to the original position.
  1. Sliding Push Up

Slides push-up is an advanced bodyweight exercise that helps build strength to multiple body muscles such as the arm, chest, abs, and back. The sliders help induce great tension to the arm muscles, which then promises quality results.

  • Get in a high plank position.
  • Just like a regular push-up, lower your body down.
  • Place slider under your hands, and slide your hands while you lower yourself down.
  • Now, bring your hands back to their original position and initiate the upward position.

Benefits of Using a Core Slider

Core sliders are effective gym equipment that involves your entire body during exercise. They are small, so you can carry them easily in your gym bags. Furthermore, they have double-sided pads that ensure that your floors do not get harmed. They are durable and lightweight and are perfect for almost 40 different workouts.

Some of the benefits that sliders will offer to you are written below:

  1. Cushions Your Arms

In various floor ab workouts, you have to take support from your hands. Due to increased pressure on arms, you are likely to experience pain in the area. But when you use a slider during your ab workouts, your hands do not move directly against the floor, which helps prevent the chafing of arms.

The sliders provide a cushion to your arms and, at the same time, push you to perform even better in your exercises. 

  1. Suitable For All Floors

Some people love to work out at their homes, while for rest, gyms seem an appropriate option. Using sliders in exercise does not depend on the floor you are exercising on. They have double-sided pads that work best on almost all floors. They also have a smooth plastic side which helps you work out on carpets.

They work well for wood floors, tiles, carpets, and even on a mat. You can use them easily in your workouts.

  1. Gives You Strength

You can easily lose all the calories that you have gained by exercising. But, having a slider at this point will make your journey even more challenging. The sliders also help to give the required strength to your body. They challenge you, and so with a controlled and smooth movement, you perform your exercises better. 

You can easily add the sliders to your workout routine, as they fit well for multiple-body workouts. 

  1. Works On Your Balance 

If you do not control your exercise form, you cannot see good results. So, the first thing you should do is balance your body, and sliders can prove to be highly effective in this case. Since they can easily slide through the floor, you have the authority to control your movement.

Your balance will be better, and you will have a stable posture while exercising on floors, all that because of a pair of sliders.

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Final Words

Sliders are safe, easy to use, portable and cost-effective as well. They help you achieve a perfect balance for your body, and hence you can do your exercises easily. Moreover, they also allow for a complete range of motion which improves your stability and control over your movements.

There are several exercises that you can do with a slider. Not only ab workouts, but you can use sliders for your lower body exercises, upper body, and arm workouts. All you have to do is get a perfect pair of sliders and get started with your exercises. They push you to perform better to a greater degree, which helps achieve good results.


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