10 nostalgic wrestlings photos that will take you back

We dug deep and gathered a collection of old nostalgic wrestling photographs. Each of those pictures has an intriguing backstory. Let’s get back in time!

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The arcade game ‘WWF Superstars’ was released in 1989. Many wrestling fans who grew up around that time would remember spending hours playing this at their local arcade! Followed by WWF WrestleMania, WWF WrestleFest was published in 1991. The Arcade Game in 1995. 

  1. New York WWF (The World)

WWF New York, a wrestling-themed restaurant, first opened its doors in November 1999. It also served as a bar, a gift shop, and a nightclub. The wrestlers themselves would frequently attend for autographs there, as it was a popular place for wrestling fans to hang out. It is recommended to use a PNG to PDF converter for transforming pdf files to png.

  1. In the early 2000s, WWE.com was a popular website.

This isn’t only a look back at the WWE system and the old stories, but it’s also a look at where the internet used to be and how far it has come.

This layout is quite beautiful for its time and appears to be simple to navigate. However, if you look at WWE.com now, it goes without saying that there has been a big shift.

  1. When each pay-per-view had its own stage design

One of WWE’s major errors in recent years, and this is saying a lot because there have been many, was eliminating the distinct pay-per-view set designs for each event. These stages heightened the tension and gave each presentation a “big fight vibe”.

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  1. The Flashes of the Camera

The camera flashes of the past are probably something you don’t think about or look back on until it crosses your mind after looking back on the major occasions, and then you realise how wonderful they were for the visuals. Flash photography was used to enhance important occasions. They amplified the significance of significant events. Take a look at the GIF above, which shows Shawn Michaels zip-lining over a sea of camera flashes. Take a look around! Take a look at the flashes! Incredible scenes.

  1. N64 WCW Games

The N64 alone ticks the nostalgia box… But then you throw in these WCW games, and it’s a whole other level of nostalgia!

WCW vs. nWo and WCW/NWO Revenge are the two most popular WCW N64 games, but viewing the collection is incredible. WWF has its fair share of N64 games as well!

  1. WCW Monday Nitro’s First Episode VS. Mall of America

The Mall of America, on the left side of the top image, is crowded with fans eager to see the inaugural WCW Monday Nitro show. On the right, you can see the same place, but a few decades later.

  1. On the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Sting and Ric Flair shake hands.

The 26th of March, 2001, was a terrible day for WCW fans all around the world. WCW Monday Nitro broadcast its final edition and would no longer exist. It was definitely the end of an era.

In a dramatic shot, two of WCW’s biggest performers, Sting and Ric Flair, share a handshake.

  1. WWE Series Byte This! (1997-2006)

The beautiful thing about this nostalgia gallery is that we aren’t looking for obvious nostalgia cues. We’re also selecting items that you may not have considered in years. WWE’s online series ‘Byte This!’ is a prime example.

  1. The World’s First Elimination Chamber Match

In two ways, the 2002 Survivor Series Elimination Chamber bout was historic. For starters, it was the first-ever Elimination Chamber match, which was a big success that is still remembered today. And two, this was the last time Shawn Michaels won a World Title, which is odd given his highly lauded career from late 2002 forward, all without a World Title.

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