10 of the Coolest Monikers You’ll Hear in the MMA World

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In many countries such as the US, Japan, Brazil, and Russia, MMA fighters are revered as warriors. Warriors as they are, these people have earned respect and acknowledgment from their fans and co-fighters.

With that said, many fighters implore the use of nicknames or monikers when fighting. There are many cool nicknames, but only a few are fitting to give those who deserve it. Remember, the fighters don’t choose their nicknames and are instead given them. With so many nicknames in the MMA world, we tried to get some of the best. Here they are:

The Korean Zombie – Chang Sung Jung – UFC

Easily the best nickname on this list, Chang Sung Jung’s nickname comes from the fact that he actually fights like a zombie. Able to withstand and absorb damage from his opponents, Chang Sung Jung presses on just like a zombie who doesn’t feel pain. With most MMA odds seeing him as an underdog, the Korean Zombie is a good pick against Alexander Volkanovski when they fight for the featherweight title at UFC 272.

The Last Emperor – Fedor Emelianenko – Bellator MMA

One of the most terrifying men in MMA is the legendary Fedor Emelianenko. Coming out of Russia, Fedor is a legend in the sport and has been one of the top fighters for many years. When opponents hear his nickname being announced, a lot can’t help feeling fear as they come face to face with an absolute monster in the Last Emperor.

The Predator – Francis Ngannou – UFC

In the movies, predators are tall, physically imposing beings known to stalk and kill their prey without mercy. In real life, Francis “The Predator” Ngannou fits the bill of looking like a predator and striking like one too. He has a punch equivalent to a small car hitting you at full speed. Indeed, the current UFC Heavyweight champion is someone you don’t want to anger.

Bullet – Valentina Shevchenko – UFC

Combine beauty with speed, power, and precision; you get Valentina Shevchenko. True to her nickname, she hits opponents with vicious strikes that quickly knock them out. One of the things that Bullet does after a flawless victory is to celebrate by dancing like a ballerina in the middle of the octagon. Indeed a scary sight if you’re on the receiving end of that match.

Landslide – Eduard Foloyang – ONE FC

Born in the highlands of Baguio, Philippines, where landslides are common, Eduard Foloyang mercilessly dominates his opponents like a calamity. As the only 2-time ONE FC lightweight champion, Foloyang is a Wushu fighter who’s surprisingly good with wrestling and submissions.

Gracie Hunter – Kazushi Sakuraba – Pro Wrestling Noah

The Gracies are one of the most known names in MMA, and beating one from that family can be a legendary feat. How about defeating four of them? That’s precisely what Kazushi Sakuraba did. He beat Royler Gracie, Ryan Gracie, Renzo Gracie, and the Gracie’s last ace Royce Gracie. To have such a nickname tells you how gritty and dangerous Sakuraba is, despite competing as a pro wrestler in Japan who likes gimmicks and wearing masks.

Axe Murderer – Wanderlei Silva – Free Agent

Wanderlei Silva had long been fighting before the current MMA rules were set to ensure a fighter’s safety. In a match where he displayed a lot of viciousness, a ringside doctor described the cut on Wanderlei’s head like it was from an “Axe.” Take note, Wanderlei did not get cut on the head by his opponent. Even when it was already cut open, Silva used the same side of his head and headbutted his opponent so many times.

Darth – Ryan Bader – Bellator MMA

Speaking of movies, Darth Vader is one of the most powerful characters you’ll see in a film. For Ryan Bader, getting “Darth” as a nickname is a match made in heaven. Known for his suffocating wrestling and knockout power, opponents crumble against Darth. The force is strong with Ryan Bader, and he has earned the right to use such an excellent nickname.

Cro Cop – Mirko Filipović – Retired

As a member of Lučko ATU(Croatia’s special police anti-terrorist unit), Mirko Cro Cop is a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. Cro Cop is short for “Croatian Cop.” Aside from a cool nickname, Mirko also has one of the best-named finishers in MMA. He knocks out opponents with a thunderous left kick to the head; “Right Leg Hospital, Left Leg Cemetery.”

Spider – Anderson Silva – Retired

If you don’t know Anderson Silva, you don’t know MMA. He’s a legend in the sport, and just like Spiderman, Silva is agile and difficult to hit. He also possesses some of the most accurate strikings in the sport. As one of the GOATs of the MMA world, “Spider” is the perfect nickname for a person who can finish you in many ways.


Part of a fighter’s lore is his nickname. The monikers mentioned here perfectly match the fighter’s fighting styles and personalities. To be a legend and have the most memorable career in MMA, you need to win championships and have an awesome nickname to go with it.


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