By: R Eric Ellison

This week, we visit my 20 favourite phrases spoken in the UFC. If you’re half as hardcore a fan as I am, you know that the Octagon and it’s cohorts has provided some truly great words. Sometimes spoken in the heat of battle, and sometimes to Joe Rogan, the press, or even an unthought out Youtube video. Any way you slice it, the UFC has brought us some great quotes. Join me for 20 of the quotes we remember most as the UFC continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary all year long!

20 “Here’s where I hit him with the light switch.” – Tank Abbott commenting on his knockout of Steve Nelmark.

19 “Steve Mazzagatti will fuck up any fight. The guy has no business watching MMA fights, let alone refereeing them.” -Dana White

18 “I’m just going to go out there and rush him real fast and just annihilate him. You know, like a lion just bites the head off—that’s what I’m going to do.” – BJ Penn on fighting Joe Stevenson

17 “I might even get on top of my wife.” – Brock Lesnar

16 “One time I was fighting against BJ Penn. I had his back against the fence. I’m not kidding you, for a few seconds I look and I was staring at a beautiful woman in the audience. It was … uh … (snaps fingers) Cindy Crawford. I stared at her. I’m thinking, ‘My God, she’s so beautiful. And she’s looking at me.’ And just next to her, I see her husband looking at me, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I can’t look at her. Her husband’s looking at me.’ Now I’m thinking, ‘Of course, they’re looking at me. I’m doing the show right now and I’m in the middle of the fight.’ So I’m like, ‘Go back to your focus.” — Georges St. Pierre

15 “I’ll fight my mother for that UFC title” – Melvin Guillard

14 “If the commission would sanction it, and Dana would move, I’d fight Anderson right now.” Chael Sonnen at the UFC 117 post fight press conference.

13 ” The thing I’ve come to realize about Josh Koscheck is that he’s kinda like a turd that won’t flush away” Dan Hardy

12 ” Show up Randy, August 28th, bring a pillow and pick a corner of the cage you want to lay down in.” -James Toney, shortly before Randy put him down in a corner and tucked Toney into bed.

11 “I can’t wait to fuck Chuck, Fight Chuck. Fight him.” -Wanderlei Silva

10 “I can’t wait to put your bitch ass to sleep, motherfucker.” Matt Mitrione to Kimbo Slice just before doing exactly that.

9 “If he never walked again, I’d be cool with that.” – Chris Leben

8 “All I gotta say is, there gon be some more black on black crime” -Rampage to Rashad Evans

 7 “I will beat you into a living death.” – Ken Shamrock

6 ” Welcome to The Machida Era” – Joe Rogan

5 “My aunt lied to me, told me Van Damme was my uncle. I would do the splits and pretend I’m Van Damme. And like an idiot, I go to school and tell everyone Van Damme is my uncle. To this day, all my friends still make fun of me. ‘Van Damme did a movie. Hey, it’s Joe’s uncle.” – Joeseph Benavidez

 4 “You put the Devil on the other side, and I will come to fight.” – Royce Gracie

 3 “I think about a storm rolling in with black clouds and I visualize the lightning and try to draw energy from that, and I think: all I have to do is beat this man until he stops moving, then I can go home to my son.” – Carlos Condit before his fight with Dan Hardy.

 2 “I am not impressed by your performance.” – Georges St. Pierre

1  Anything said by Conor McGregor this Year

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