2nd Annual FightBookMMA Awards (2016)

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Rio Rancho, NM– As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look back and remember the moments in MMA. Here at FightBookMMA we know that without your support and contributions we wouldn’t be where we are today. We asked fans to give us suggestions on who should be nominated, below are fan picks and staff picks combined.

The Voting will start on Monday January 2, 2017 and will end Sunday January 8th, 2017 @ Midnight MT. We will announce the Winners after we tally the votes. The announcement will be announced the following week and we will present a Digital Certificate to the winners.

The categories are as follows: Fan Favorite Podcast at the FightBookMMA website, Best Training Camp, Top MMA Promotion (other than the UFC), KO/TKO Of The Year, Favorite MMA Referee, Best Submission, Up and Comer Of The Year, Favorite Cutman, Favorite Color Commentator, Hottest Female MMA Fighter, Hottest Male MMA Fighter.

FightBookMMA’s President/CEO would like to give his own Personal Award to his Staff and hardworking Admins that work on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and our Google Plus Community.

“I want to thank my wife and my team for all the hard work y’all do. With out y’all and the support from our fans FightBookMMA would not be where it is today.” — Roberto Villa

FightBookMMA’s Top Journalists (In no particular order):

  • Rick San Bartolome
  • Roberto Villa
  • Maggie McMaster
  • Pat Griffin/Jessica Griffin
  • Mozz Manzoor
  • Isiah Ruiz/Arlene Ruiz

FightBookMMA’s Most Listened Podcast (tie)

We would like for everyone to Please share to everyone on all social media. Tweet it, share on Facebook, Instagram it, tell your friends and family, do whatever it takes to get people to vote your favorite.

So ladies and gentleman and fight fans from around the world, without further ado, FightBookMMA.com presents the 2nd Annual FightBookMMA Awards.

Cast your vote so your favorite can win. You get 1 vote per Category. Make sure you share this to all your friends and family. Cast your vote below to have your voice heard.

As always, FightBookMMA.com would like to thank you for your continued support!

In no particular order here are your nominees (scroll down for the list):

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