3 Tips for Every Fighter

Fighting is an intense sport that draws many athletes in due to its aggressive, competitive nature. Fighters commit to strict training regimens and diets, often spending hours per day training. This dedication usually leaves little time for much else during the season, especially if the athlete has a family or job. The stress and intensity can be overwhelming on the body and mind of a fighter. Here are some tips every fighter should know.

1. Backup Plan

Fights can be damaging to the body. A fighter cannot stay in the ring forever. Therefore, a backup plan for after your fighting days is essential. Perhaps you already have a job and fight after hours. If you have dedicated your time to fighting, it is a good idea to formulate a game plan for once you cannot fight anymore. This may include getting out practical student loans to pursue a career that interests you.

A business degree could help you manage your own gym or training facility if you desire. Investing in your education helps give you alternative ways to provide for yourself and your family. Classes can be taken online, on-campus, full-time and part-time. This means that anyone can fit some sort of education into their schedule, no matter how busy. There are many other paths to choose for reliable income, some of which do not include additional education. Find what interests you, research career options related to those interests and learn more about the steps you would need to take to pursue that career. You may opt to start it as a side hustle during your fighting career or to begin seriously making the efforts necessary during the off-season. Whatever your interests, be sure to plan for your future to have a backup plan when needed.

2. Recovery

Another important practice is the implementation of recovery and rest days. It may not seem beneficial to take days off from hard training, but your body needs it. Active recovery days keep your body moving in different ways. For example, bike rides, hiking, walks or other activities you enjoy are great ways to take a break from fighting while still keeping your body active.

Stretching and foam rolling is also essential for helping your body recover, heal, lengthen and loosen. Stretching has many benefits. Flexibility can be increased thanks to the lengthening and loosening of the muscles. You also decrease your chance of injury by appropriately giving your muscles time to warm up and cool down. Slow, methodical stretching will protect your muscles, improve circulation and eliminate tightness or tension. Learn how and when to stretch to maximize the benefits your body and mind see from this recovery.

3. Focus

When you step into the ring, the focus is critical to your success. However, focus can significantly improve your success outside of the ring as well. When life is hectic, we feel stressed out. Working on techniques to calm the mind and enhance focus is essential to practice daily. It can be as simple as breaking down large tasks into small manageable steps. Breathing exercises and meditation are wonderful for focus. Daily work on improving your concentration can be highly beneficial for all individuals.

Athletes choose combat sports because they love the intensity, exhilaration and fast pace. Dedication and commitment are essential to keep your body and mind in shape for top performance. Limiting stressors allows you to focus better, in and out of the ring. It is also critical for fighters to listen to their bodies, knowing their physical and mental limits during training and combat. Intense training is a necessity for superior results, but rest and recovery are also important. Fighters spend a significant amount of time preparing for an opponent. This facilitates success, so the same approach should be made to prepare for life after fighting or during the offseason. It is helpful to keep in mind that working on yourself outside of the ring can complement your success in the ring.


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