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CBD is gaining popularity over the years due to its overall health-promoting benefits. Studies have shown that it can provide relief from anxiety, stress, ALS, and even cancer. CBD is now becoming legalized in many countries as more positive research is taking place. The market share of CBD is about to hit the 2 billion dollar industry by 2022.

CBD is also becoming an effective workout supplement as it helps in better muscle recovery because of its useful anti-inflammatory properties. It can lead to better all-round muscle growth. So, if you are a gym-goer, an athlete, or a workout enthusiast, you can consider consuming CBD due to its potential of providing active recovery after a workout.

What is CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound commonly found in cannabis plants. The two most common examples of cannabis plants are hemp and marijuana. Both of them contain similar chemical compounds but marijuana has a higher amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the reason why marijuana has a psychoactive effect.

Most CBD products on the market are hemp-derived and completely non-psychoactive as they contain THC within the legal limits. These products can work as health supplements, pre-workout, and post-workout supplements. CBD’s effectiveness on health is its tendency to interact with the regulatory system (endocannabinoid system).

CBD and muscle recovery

Regular exercise and workout keep us mentally and physically fit. But intense workout can make us exhausted and restless. After an intense training session, the muscle fiber breaks and reforms at the micro-levels, and as a result, muscles suffer from inflammation, and we feel pain. Many people take different forms of supplements to help them workout. One such product is CBD, which exhibits many remarkable properties.

Here are three ways CBD help recovery of muscles after a workout:

1.  Reduces inflammation

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Inflammation is when an increased blood flow takes place at a specific body part. It is a natural way to help repair damaged muscle fibers after a workout. Increased blood flow helps in clearing out cellular debris and damaged muscle fibers. Also, inflammation has a stimulating effect on stem cells, which aids the formation of muscle fiber.

Yet, inflammation after a workout can cause collateral harm to the affected areas and regions. This hinders the physical workout routine. Here, CBD can reduce unwanted inflammation while still providing aid to the recovery process.

Natural and effective anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can offer a great relief post-workout. It exhibits antioxidant effects that have positive impacts on muscle healing. Researchers consider CBD as a novel anti-inflammatory drug’. You can start by consuming CBD capsules from Lazarus Naturals CBD, to observe how your body adapts. Check out their review & scoring page here. This is the only resource on the web that is unbiased and will give you a 360-degree overview of Lazarus Naturals.

2.  Promotes better sleep

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Sleep is the time when most of the recovery and healing process of your body begins. The onset of resting-state brings your body to a restorative mode. During this time, the body repairs the damaged cells, tissues, and muscles. Thus, a sound and deep sleep are linked to a higher rate of recovery after a workout.

Some of the crucial activities that take place during sleep are:

  • Removal of cellular debris from the affected/damaged muscle location.
  • In the liver, lactic acid converts into glucose.
  • Restoration of proteins like myosin, actin, and troponin are damaged.

Here also, CBD can provide amazing benefits by improving the quality of sleep. Thus, helping the body recover faster. As per researchers, CBD promotes REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Other studies show that a combination of THC and CBD is beneficial in improving the quality of sleep.

3.  Reduces chronic body pain

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Muscle soreness is the most common body response after a strenuous workout. It abruptly obstructs the future sessions of physical exercise. To get through this, you can consume CBD as it is an effective pain-killer. As per Harvard Health Publishing, it can reduce several types of chronic pain in the body.

Thus, after a rigorous workout session, you can significantly reduce body pain. With less pain, you will be able to recover faster and continue your workout regime. It will also allow you to perform various exercises seamlessly. CBD can also reduce muscle spasm as its antispasmodic properties. It will provide athletes and bodybuilders relief from painful muscle contraction after a workout.


The ongoing research is clearly showing how CBD can help us achieve better health. It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties and is an effective pain reliever. Due to all these reasons, you can find CBD in a variety of products, such as gummies, topicals, oil, and vape.

To get optimum results after a workout, you can start consuming CBD and observe if it works for you. Remember that CBD is a supplement that will work best if you follow an overall healthy lifestyle. Using CBD smartly in your exercise routine may provide your significant results.

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