4 Easy MMA Marketing Ideas to Get More Students

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts.  Imagine a group of disciplined people standing in straight lines with equal intervals and practicing Kung Fu Karate. That is martial arts. That is not the only thing that counts in martial arts. MMA also includes other techniques such as wrestling, boxing, jujitsu, judo, etc.

MMA is the perfect alternative to traditional gyms. Not only you burn calories while practicing MMA; you do not even get bored. People that choose MMA as an option between regular gym exercises and MMA have been seen to reach their desired body goals faster. MMA is not as boring since there is a lot of variables involved.

Due to the interesting patterns and a huge number of benefits, MMA gyms are getting more and more popular, it may be a difficult job to get new members. Here are some easy marketing ideas for your MMA studio to get more students.

1.     Incorporating Cardio

You will be amazed to see the increasing turnover of students just by adding a cardio element. Sit with your trainer and finalize an MMA Kick-Ass Cardio Program or Cardio Boot Camp. Make sure you add ample amounts of Jumping jacks, Skipping, Cycling, Power cycling, weight lifting, and speed walking or running.

Since cardio programs work well for any age group in any gender and most people are also aware of the benefits of cardio, they are more likely to join cardio programs offered by your MMA studio. This can be an additional program that will help you in generating revenue. People coming to take the cardio classes will also get insights into the mixed martial art program that your studio originally offers. There is a high chance that they will get attracted to MMA by seeing people practice it and eventually enroll in the MMA program.

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However, you will have to put in efforts. Nothing can be achieved without hard work. You will have to sign up with a good graphic designer or one who already works for your studio. Design some attractive posters and share them on all your social media, as well as print them out to be pasted on walls near your studio.

2.   Start Self Defense Classes

The thought of being robbed or mugged is scary. The thought of being kidnapped or harmed on a lone street is scarier. Every man, woman, kid, in fact, every human must know the basic techniques of self-defense since you never know what situation awaits on the next turn.

Self-defense is one aspect of MMA; incorporating it as a separate branch can be much more beneficial for your business and attract more students. This is one easy and very attractive strategy for some extra revenue. Offering a course based on the basics of protecting yourself from dangerous situations, as mentioned above, will help you get more students at your MMA studio.

Design self-defense classes separately for women, men, and children to create a better impact. Women are always ready to grab any opportunity like this, as it is a growing need of the female population. Of course, men and children all must know how to protect themselves. People will come out to avail themselves of these classes in great numbers. All you need to do is spread the word like a forest fire.

3.   Arrange a Free MMA Event

Most people want to try out a free trial before signing up for a paid version. Arranging a free MMA class or an event for three days will give the potential students an insight into what they will be offered in their training.

Humans are automatically attracted to anything that comes free. The attendants of the events may be people who were considering joining an MMA program, as well as people who came just for fun. Your job here will be designing an attractive itinerary that those who never even thought of opting for MMA also consider your program.

There are always options for collaboration with other brands or small businesses, and you’re open to avail of that option for refreshments and accommodations. If you want to get more students to register for your MMA program, this is one strategy that you should consider. It is not as difficult as it may sound; try it out for yourself.

4.   Create Attractive Blog Posts with Correct Information for Publicity

If you want to market your MMA Studio and get more students to enroll with you, the first thing you need to do is spread the word. There are several ways where the information about your MMA studio can be spread and reach people who would be interested in joining the training programs.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., come in handy when you want to spread the word. You can make use of digital marketing services offered by any agency to help you in the process. Be it a new or previously existing MMA studio, explain what MMA is and how it can benefit people? It is an effective strategy to market your studio. 

Start with creating informational posts. Make sure that the information is authentic and detailed. Adding pictures and posters will help you make it look attractive. Include a variation of long and short posts.

To have people come and enroll in your MMA program, you need to utilize your content in such a way that attracts people. Nobody likes plain old texts, and no one even has the time to read essays. Keep it short and simple.

 Spread the word about offers and discount packages to attract even more people. Blogging has been proven to come in handy for almost anything in the world. Just not write-ups, pictures, videos, and peoples’ feedback also plays an important role in marketing your MMA Studio and turning leads into MMA students. Explain


MMA is an exciting sport. A lot of people do not understand how effective of an exercise it is. Marketing plans for anything require a complex thought process. The same applies to MMA marketing. Using the above-mentioned strategies will create a visible difference in the turnover of new students. However, the efforts and investment to carry out marketing plans will be yours; we hope you benefit from these ideas.


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