4 Mistakes People Make Setting Up Their Home Gym

A home gym can be a great investment, but it can also become a money pit. Avoid these mistakes so that your home gym is functional and doesn’t cost a fortune.

4 Mistakes People Make Setting Up Their Home Gym

Finally, you’re setting up your home gym! There’s no better time to do it, but beware: people fall into many traps. Avoid these four mistakes people make setting up their home gym so that you can save money and end up with a functional and useful space!

Overestimating Their Space

A common misstep people building their home gym make is overestimating how much space they have. The room may seem spacious at first, but when you’re designing an area for exercise, you want to err on the side of caution. Always give yourself more space than you think you need to account for exercise movements.

If, after use, you find that there’s extra room for more equipment, then you can add it to your gym. You don’t want to overbuy initially and wind up with insufficient space for your equipment.

Going Over Budget

We get it; you’re excited about finally having a home gym and want to treat yourself with the best equipment money can buy. There’s nothing wrong with high-quality equipment, but don’t forget about the fundamentals of a gym. These include ventilation, mirrors, floors, climate control, lighting, etc.

It’s a common mistake to blow your budget on the most incredible and expensive equipment while the rest of the space still needs work. Focus on the fundamentals of a home gym first, and maybe save a few bucks with gently-used equipment that does just as well.

Not Getting the Right Equipment

Similar to how people splurge on unnecessarily pricey equipment, some will get the wrong equipment for their gym. Consider what equipment you need and what equipment is a luxury. Remember, it’s your gym for your fitness. Therefore, use your equipment budget for the gear you know you will use instead of what you think looks cool.

Going Too Heavy With Machines

The fitness center you frequent has a ton of exercise machines, so your home gym should have many machines too, right? Wrong. Specialized machines may seem valuable, but they’re not worth the extra price when most of the time, you can perform the same exercises with free weights instead of machines. Machines can be handy, but if you have a tight budget and limited space, free weights are generally going to be the better option.

There are lots of mistakes people make when setting up their home gym. Hopefully, you now know the pitfalls others have faced and can turn your new home gym into an efficient, practical place!


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