4 Reasons Athletes are Supporting CBD and THC Use in Sports

4 Reasons Athletes are Supporting CBD and THC Use in Sports

As more research goes into the benefits of cannabis for health-related purposes, many athletes are beginning to support its use in the world of competitive sports.

For example, fighters Nick and Nate Diaz have both been open supporters of cannabis products for a while now.

More CBD and THC products are making their way onto store shelves as their popularity increases. However, you may be wondering what advantages they could bring, especially to athletes.

Here are the four top benefits of CBD and THC!

1. Better Recovery

It’s a fact that athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies, and without proper recovery time, it can yield negative results. They may feel unfocused, tired, and sore during training and competitions without adequate recovery time.

This is because, during recovery, your body does several vital things, including:

  • Rebuilds muscle
  • Decreases stress hormones
  • Strengthens the Immune system
  • Improves memory and focus
  • Regulates resting heart rate and blood pressure

CBD or THC-infused products, like Galaxy Treats, may help athletes recover faster, allowing their bodies to get the rest they so desperately need.

Not only do these products increase relaxation after training, but they also help increase blood circulation, according to reports.

2. May Minimize Effects of Brain Injury

Head and brain injuries can be debilitating and sometimes lead to death. Once the brain experiences significant trauma, it may be difficult to recover and completely heal. Unfortunately, concussions are a common and sometimes career-ending consequence for many professional athletes.

However, some research has shown that cannabinoids could reduce the effects of brain injuries, such as inflammation and brain cell loss. This is especially good news for those who participate in combat sports.

Although more research on these benefits is underway, many athletes consider using cannabinoids for this reason.

3. Pain Reduction

Constant use of the muscles and joints frequently leads to severe pain. Muscle tissues become torn, leading to soreness, and high-impact sports can strain your joints, especially the hips and knees.

Worst of all, if an injury occurs, this may cause intense, unbearable pain. Sometimes athletes may experience such extreme pain from injuries that they’re prescribed painkillers by a doctor.

While painkillers help alleviate the pain, they can be highly addictive and cause dependency. For this reason, some individuals avoid certain pain medications for fear of becoming too dependent on them. 

Because studies show that cannabinoids help block peripheral nerve pain and can reduce inflammation, some athletes are reaching for CBD and THC-infused products, such as lotions, ointments, or edibles, instead of using prescribed painkillers to help alleviate pain.

Perhaps this is because they feel that cannabinoids are more natural and less likely to create dependency.

4. Boosts Mood

One of the main reasons many athletes are reaching for CBD and THC-infused products is because they can relax the mind and body.

Many athletes are physically, mentally, and emotionally stressed, especially if they’re professionals. With so much stress and pressure, it can be challenging to unwind and rest.

According to reports, cannabinoids can reduce anxiety and help ease tension. Additionally, it could make training more enjoyable and help increase motivation.

Perhaps this is why athletes are reaching for CBD and THC products.

In Conclusion

As more studies are conducted on the advantages of CBD and THC, we may begin to see more acceptance for it in the world of sports.

Several professional sports organizations are already relaxing regulations on these products, and professional athletes publicly share that they use them to help their athletic performance.

Additionally, more and more states are legalizing marijuana for medicinal and personal use. It’s just a matter of time before its stigma is completely erased.

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