4 Reasons to Get Physicals During the Season

Preventative care is a staple of a solid health plan. Our bodies perform miraculous tasks each day, from as tiny as the cellular level. Caring for our bodies by paying close attention to them, eating healthy and seeing a provider regularly for physicals are all ways to ensure and improve overall health. A busy lifestyle between work, family obligations, training and other commitments during the season may leave you with little time to schedule physicals with your provider. However, your health is one thing you should always make time for. Here are some reasons why you should make and keep those wellness appointments.

1. Energy Levels

When you feel better, you do better. Sometimes a slump of low energy levels may leave you feeling drained or like you are not competing at full strength. This can be natural and correct itself with a few days of rest. However, there is also a chance that your energy levels could be low due to an out-of-range lab result. There are numerous tests your provider can perform to ensure your labs are all within normal limits. One example is a quick and easy vitamin D test. This simple test could be a good indicator of why you are feeling fatigued or why your muscles are feeling weak, and Vitamin D deficiency can be treated with an appropriate dose of the vitamin. Staying in tune with your body can help you optimize your performance.

2. Body Changes

Regular visits help to establish and maintain strong communication lines between your provider and you. As we age, our bodies change. Making a note of the changes you are experiencing allows you to double-check that everything you are experiencing is normal. For athletes, strenuous training, new diets and other significant changes can have lasting impacts on their bodies. It is important to discuss diets, supplements and medications with your doctor prior to starting them to discuss safety, risks and benefits.

3. Early Diagnosis

Routine checkups help to keep your health in check. A physician will perform an overall assessment, order blood work and more to assess your overall health. Regular appointments can help keep things on track and catch any issues early on. An early diagnosis can help to treat problems before they become too severe. Physicals will include bloodwork and age-appropriate screenings. These tests are an important part of your medical workup because they can alert the doctors to anything abnormal. Even if you feel absolutely fine, it is a very good idea to follow through with all of your physicals and preventative screening exams. If there is a health issue, you will want to catch it sooner rather than later.

4. Heart Health

Athletes are often young and healthy and may dismiss the idea of a sports physical altogether. While the chances are high that your doctor will not find anything too concerning, it is extremely important for the doctor to examine you. Athletes undergo vigorous training sessions and high-intensity workouts. This can put a lot of strain on the heart. During a sports physical, the doctor will listen to the heart to make sure there are no murmurs or anything else suspicious. Heart health issues can be life-threatening, so it is vital to get the okay from your doctor.

Preventative health is a key component in keeping your body in its best shape. Taking care of your body allows you to keep your health in check and optimize your performance on and off of the field. Routine physicals are essential for everyone, especially athletes. Pay attention to your body, and do not be afraid to contact your doctor with concerns. It is helpful to make notes of any questions or concerns so that you do not forget them in between appointments. Your doctor is trained to assess you and help you reach your health goals. They are a significant resource for performance, nutrition, diagnostics, preventative care and overall health. Step your game up on the field by booking regular physicals with your health team!


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