4 Sports That Are Good for Your Health

The benefits of physical activities to your health cannot be overstated. We are talking about great cardiovascular health, stress relief as you play your fav games on platforms like Thunderbolt online casino, muscular strength and endurance to weight management. Staying fit is usually a challenge to many, and people often ask themselves which particular sporting activities would be best for their health.

Well, there are many sports activities suitable for your health, and there is probably no particular sport that is the healthiest compared to the others. What is most important is how regularly you indulge in a sport. What may be considered fun will vary from person to person.

As for recommendations, here are some sports that come with both mental and physical health benefits.

1. Swimming

Over 4 million adults swim at least two times a month. This essentially means swimming is a to-go for physical activity for over 10% of the population, which speaks volumes of the sport’s health benefits.

It is an excellent sport for people of all ages, and you can decide to immerse yourself in it either for recreation or competition. Recreational swimming is a great way to get a low-impact workout that allows you to feel good and relax. Some of the common swimming styles employed by recreational swimmers include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke.

What makes swimming a great workout? It is a great sport to build your muscular strength and endurance. It keeps your heart rate up, building your cardiovascular strength while at the same time lifting the stress of your body.

People who swim can also maintain a healthy weight, which goes a long way in reducing the risk of developing lifestyle diseases. Swimming will provide you with a complete body workout leaving you with toned muscles.

Swimming also boosts mental health benefits by providing stress relief, improved self-esteem, improved sleep, and relaxation. Swimming is readily available, as you can swim in the ocean, lake, river, or swimming pool. All you have to do is ensure you have the skills and a safe location.

2. Squash

Squash has been listed top in the list of healthiest sports in Forbes Magazine, and there are some quite heavy data to support this. Squash is an excellent sport for both adults and children and can be accessed in local clubs, where training is offered too.

The game is friendly for both children and adults, but the workout gets intense as you graduate from the different levels of the game. For this reason, squash is considered one of the best cardio workouts. An hour of squash play can burn up to 1000 calories.

In the process of burning calories, lung and heart endurance are built as aerobic strength is enhanced. Time in the squash court will increase arm and leg muscle strength, flexibility, and improved hand-to-eye coordination.

While the sport boasts several physical health, it has excellent mental health benefits. The sport gives an intense mental workout which goes a long way in enhancing mental capacity and concentration. Watching the ball move from one point in the court to another also alleviates tension and stress.

If you are looking for a sport that gives your mind and body a complete workout and is exciting at the same time, squash would be ideal.

3. Running

Did you know that running 5-10 minutes in a day can significantly reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack? Running is one of the healthiest sports and is known for burning calories and weight loss.

People who run have better cardiovascular endurance compared to those that don’t. Note that your blood pressure is lowered with enhanced cardiovascular endurance, and the risk of developing cardiovascular complications is reduced.

Regular running has also been an effective way of enhancing fitness and toning the muscles, thus a good sport for people looking to prevent bone and muscle loss. Running can also lower the risk of developing cancer and neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

To get the most from the health benefits of running and prevent injury, ensure you are equipped with proper running shoes. Runners are also advised to avoid increasing the distance they cover every day abruptly; instead, it should be gradual.

Cross-training with sports or activities like swimming and cycling is also recommended. A warmup before the sport and stretching after the exercise. A warmup will allow your muscles and joints to loosen up and get into the rhythm, while stretching after running will prevent your muscles from shortening and keep them supple. It also increases circulation, which helps reduce soreness after the activity.

4. Tennis

The racquet sport is an excellent choice for giving your body a complete workout. The beauty of tennis is people of all ages can play it. The secret behind the health benefits of tennis is the fact that the sport engages a wide range of muscles and organs.

Tennis supports cardiovascular health, supports weight loss, enhances balance, and improves motor skills and control. People who indulge in tennis also have a reduced risk of developing osteoporosis.

Tennis is also a social sport that offers social interaction, which reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Social contact has benefits in preventing heart disease and some cancers.

Take Away

People who sit less enjoy better health. If you don’t consider yourself an active person, getting your body parts moving by immersing yourself in sports is advised. There are several sports ranging from swimming to tennis that can improve the functioning of your organs and boost your mental and physical health. Assess the benefits of different sports activities and pick one that speaks to your health needs the most.


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