4 Ways to Sell More MMA Gym Memberships in the Upcoming Year

The popularity of MMA is definitely growing in America and many other places around the world. The reasons are quite obvious. Practicing and watching MMA can be very exciting, and even promotes health and wellness. After all, if a person participates in MMA, it’s pretty obvious that health and exercise come along with this venture. Surely, it is an exciting sport that more people should be involved in.

However, if you’re a gym owner who specializes in MMA tactics, you know that running your business is no easy task. Not only do you have to worry about your craft of MMA fighting and staying healthy yourself, but you also have to learn the basics of running a business and making sure that you get a good amount of new memberships each month. Many MMA gym owners are probably feeling the effects of the pandemic, inflation and unfortunate unemployment rates, and they might even be considering closing the doors to the gym in the upcoming year. However, it would be a good idea to step back and look for ways that you can be better in the new year, just like you do with your skills and your body every day. Here are four easy ways to sell more MMA gym memberships next year.

1. Increase Marketing Efforts

The first obvious way is to double down on your marketing efforts. Again, this can be hard for you because you’re a business owner and an MMA specialist, so you might now know that much about marketing. However, in order to provide better sales enablement to yourself and your team, marketing will simply always be the number one way to go. Consider looking more into digital marketing, where you can target the exact kinds of people that you’re trying to reach near your gym.

2. Offer Exercise and Cardio Classes

It might be time to offer something new at your gym. Sure, you want to keep offering the basics of MMA training sessions, because this is what you founded your business on. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, another aspect that would be very attractive to newcomers would be basic exercise and cardio classes. Especially around the beginning of the new year, people will be looking for ways to lose weight and get in shape. Offering these simple kinds of classes might be what you need to do to bring people in so that you can have more memberships.

3. Offer a Child’s Class

Maybe it’s time to set something up for the children? You see, adults might now be interested in getting some cardio and MMA fighting in for themselves, but they might be looking into after-school programs that they can put their kids into to teach them some discipline. Fun children’s classes could be the key to making your business more known and getting the feet of some curious adults in. You could offer these classes after school, and they don’t have to be that long. It will give you enough time to train the kids and then be ready for your members who come in after work.

4. Host Special Classes

Now it’s time to get creative. The sound of an MMA session or a cardio workout might not sound that appealing to a person on the outside. But what if you put more of a ring to what you offer? Why not try offering women’s defense classes, self-defense classes, dieting and nutrition classes or even a random day where you teach the basics of another fighting style, like boxing or taekwondo? These might be fun classes that you can offer to boost your memberships and prevent burnout in yourself as well.

In the end, you don’t have to fret about your business in the new year. In fact, where there is a lot of uncertainty and lack right now in the small business world, there are also many owners who are finding opportunities under every rock they can find. Be that kind of person this new year.



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