5 Healthy Foods To Eat After Working Out

After you’ve completed an intense fighting workout, your first instinct may be to curl up and take a long nap. However, it’s actually important that you eat something beforehand. Workouts, while good for you, are stressful on your body! Several elements need to be replenished. By eating afterward, you can give your body the nutrients to recover and benefit from the workout. But what foods should you consume? If this is something you’re wondering, here are five healthy foods to eat after working out.

1. Oatmeal

Having oatmeal after working out is a great way to consume healthy carbs. While you may be wary of eating carbs in terms of gaining fat, it’s beneficial to do after exercising. Your body uses up glycogen while you work out, and carbs help to replenish it. Oatmeal is also a particularly healthy form of carbs to eat. It contains several important vitamins and a great balance of nutrition. There’s many different ways to consume it as well, along with a large variety of potential flavors. So, if you’re a fan of breakfast foods, making oatmeal after workout a part of your schedule could be perfect.

2. Avocado

Avocados are a delicious and healthy food to eat after exercising. If you’re craving something that contains fat, this is a great ingredient to turn to. In terms of health, avocados have several vitamins, lots of potassium, healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. Avocados can also be prepared in a large variety of ways. If you’re looking for an extremely healthy option, try sprinkling a pinch of salt onto a chopped avocado. You can add tomatoes to create contrasting flavors. If you want something more filling or packed with protein, try adding it into a salad or a sandwich. It’s also an excellent way to make smoothies creamier!

3. Greek Yogurt

While it may sound strange, Greek yogurt is a food that contains a substantial amount of protein. Protein is essential to eat after working out since it replenishes your muscles. Otherwise, you may experience a loss of muscle despite exercising. If you’re unfamiliar with the product, Greek yogurt is a type of yogurt with less sugar and more carbs. It tastes tarter than other yogurts, but can be easily consumed by adding in some fruit or honey. If you want to get even more protein, put some chia seeds in your snack.

4. Pasta

If you’re craving a full meal after a workout, pasta can be a great solution. This may sound worrisome, especially if you’re imagining spaghetti with meatballs or fettuccine alfredo, but pasta doesn’t need to be chock-full of fats. Instead, the right pasta meal can provide you with healthy carbs. First off, it’s essential that you use the right kind of pasta. Avoid refined pasta (which refers to the most commonly used kind) since it’s high in calories and low in fiber. This means that it’s less filling and more fattening. Whole grain pasta, on the other hand, is lower in calories and higher in fiber. Refined pasta also has simple carbs, which are broken down faster and are therefore less healthy. Once you have a suitable type of pasta, put very little fat on it. You may want to try adding vegetables and a spoonful of olive oil.

5. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are perfect at any time, for any meal. Dark leafy greens in particular can provide healthy carbs that are low in calories. Eating this food on a regular basis can even expand your life expectancy! Those who regularly consume leafy greens are less likely to contract cardiovascular diseases and type two diabetes. There’s also numerous ways to prepare greens, so don’t be hesitant if this doesn’t sound appetizing. Foods like kale chips and even well made salads provide delicious methods of consumption. In fact, most foods could have greens added without tasting any worse. If you’re desperately wanting mac and cheese or pizza, you can at least add some green vegetables to the meal.

Choosing a meal can be taxing, but eating the right thing after working out is key for maintaining bodily health. Bon Appetit!


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