5 Reasons why is the Vape Industry Flourishing Because of Marketing


Vaping refers to inhaling vapor using an electronic cigarette or any other vaping device. These E-Cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices with cartridges filled with liquid that contain substances like nicotine and come in a wide range of flavors. It is a liquid that turns into vapor on heating and is consumed by many to calm their nerves.

Smoking was always an issue in this world, but recent figures highlight a slow but steady decline in the number of smokers globally, just over a billion. Well, there is the catch! With this steady decline on the one hand in the number of smokers globally, users have found a new way out, the E-Cigarettes. As per the WHO data, there are 7 million e-cigarette users worldwide in 2011. In the U.S. primarily, data shows that 9% of U.S. Adults use vape regularly or occasionally, and more than 5 million U.S. Middle high School students used e-cigarettes. The data is convincing, and the fact that Vaping is trending is undeniable, but what are the reasons for this shift, from the age-old traditional cigarettes to this new age E-Cigarettes?

The answer is simple, ‘marketing.’ It is the key reason behind this booming industry. The global e-cigarette and vape marketing alone was valued at USD 15.07 Billion in 2020 and is to expand at an astonishing pace with forecasted revenue of USD 67.31 billion, which essentially means an astounding rate of CAGR of 23.8% from 2020 to 2017. Here are some key ways in which the Vape Industry has flourished because of marketing-

1.     Social Media Influencing

Digital marketing is the most powerful tool in the industry’s hatchet. It focuses on using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to promote their products and implant them in consumers’ minds. Major brands in the industry have spent a hefty amount on Social Media to market their effect on the internet.

            It also helps to bring the e-cigarette culture to the mainstream. Targeting young audiences, techniques like Youtube Review of Vape products, using fancy and catchy lines to associate vaping as ‘Cool, Satisfactory, Thrilling,‘ and collaborating with various tricksters on Instagram to do the tricks using vapes are some methods that are to promote the vape products. It is one of the main reasons for the flourishing and astonishing growth of the industry. The silver line is Social media influence that creates a positive impact on the users of such media, the followers of big influencers, all of which make an addition to the consumer base of the Vape Industry.

2.     Offering Scholarship- The Masterstroke

Recently, the industry has seen an exciting and innovative marketing technique. There are various scholarships that High School and College Students in the U.S take benefit from them.The scholarship process mostly requires an essay dealing with “Benefits of E-Cigarettes” or topics of such nature. It seems like a masterstroke by the industry as they can promote and market their products while providing such excellent opportunities to students. The rationale is simple: advertising about the enterprise, its products, and the benefits (primarily).

3.     Sponsoring Events – The Host of Massive Popularity

Organizing sponsored events tends to provide mass reach to the products of such companies and is one of the reasons this industry is getting recognized. Events can be of varied nature like Music Concert, Vaping Events, Cloud blowing contests, etc. It all depends on the creativity of the store owners and budget. Some tend to organize music shows, comedy shows, etc., to provide mass reach to the product. The idea is simple: the promotion of the product on a mass scale. The interesting fact here is that this marketing is impossible for the Smoking and Tobacco Industry, as it is not in use under laws. However, this gives the Vaping industry an edge to enjoy the exponential promotion of its counterpart, i.e., the Cigarette Industry.

            Such events can be on a massive scale with prevalent personalities, big celebrities, or regular and straightforward shows in the stores, with the ultimate goal of promoting the product. It has helped the industry flourish, considering the massive popularity it gets through these events.

4.     The Ocean of Options

The industry focuses on giving users varied options in the form of flavors, types of devices, deals, and availability on online and offline platforms.  Offering various flavors has always served a wide range of consumers and often acts as a critical point of attraction with every new taste coming into the market. Even studies have highlighted that almost 43% of young people using such e-cigarettes tried it because of the appealing flavors. The liquid packaging is often made in such a form that it looks like everyday food items.

            The vape mods are available in various designs, like regulated or unregulated mods. Also, devices can be disposable, rechargeable, modular, etc., all of which give a variety of options to the users to select the apparatus of their choice.  The industry provides an ocean of options to choose from, depending on their tastes and inclinations.

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1.     Selection and Targeting a Particular Consumer Base

The data cited above clearly exhibit that e-cigarettes enjoy a quite apparent demand among millennials. The usage of e-cigarette somewhat rose around 1800% from 2011 to 2019. An exciting statistic highlighted that the highest number of vape products are marketed to the 18-29 age group. The number was significantly low in those among the age group of 65 or above.

These techniques have effectively attracted the user base and expanded its reach to this powerful consumer group. Moreover, using interactive mails, Search Engine Optimization has been a critical factor in increasing the spread of the product among the masses.


The market is flourishing with the increase in demand for Vaping products; the industry is all set to see exponential growth in the coming years. This growth is attributable to the promising marketing techniques used by industry experts to captivate its targeted audience.

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