5 Safe Ways To Lose Weight Before a Weigh In

Weight loss has become part of modern culture all over the developed world. Fighters everywhere have developed workouts, diet plans, and supplements to aid health-conscious fighters in their weight loss endeavors. Oftentimes, people want to lose weight quickly for a weigh-in or some other contest or event. So, here are five ways to lose weight quickly leading up to a weigh-in or other event.


There are several available products that claim to help with weight loss, build muscle mass, or increase your general wellbeing. You need to be careful when selecting supplements to use because supplements do not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, while some supplements are scams, there are supplements out there that work properly. Look at reviews and do research before deciding to buy and use any supplements. The LeVel Thrive Experience is usually a safe bet with supplements.

Eat Less

Portion sizes affect general weight loss from day to day more than almost anything else. Not only will eating less overall lower your weight but eating less of the right kinds of food will lower your weight as well. Foods with high salt are not your friend for weight loss. You want to keep your salt intake low because highly salted foods will cause your body to retain water, putting on extra water weight. Eating several small meals instead of large meals during the days leading up to the weigh-in will boost your metabolism and can be a good way to eat during your everyday life.

Sweat It Out

As mentioned above, water weight can add up to several extra pounds depending on your weight. The best way to ensure that your water weight does not hinder your weigh-in is to work out soon before the weigh-in. Working up a serious sweat will help you dispose of some of your water weight in the form of sweat. Another, less healthy, way to sweat out your water weight is by visiting a sauna. Some athletes, usually wrestlers, use this strategy to lose weight before they weigh themselves, and it can be helpful for others as well.

Avoid Lifting Weights

If your goal is solely to lose weight and nothing else, you will want to avoid lifting weights. Muscle weighs more than fat, so while you will likely see your weight decreasing as you are losing fat, if you are lifting weights, the muscle mass you are building will somewhat counteract the fat you are losing. However, make sure that losing weight is what you want to do. Just because building muscle mass makes your weight rise, that does not mean that you are being any less healthy. Muscle mass is a good thing, and the weight that you see yourself gaining from it is not unhealthy or bad in any way.

Intermittent Fasting

The first thing to know about fasting is that you must learn to do it safely. Eating very small amounts of food can be unhealthy, but if you do it in the right way it can be an effective weight-loss tool. Your fasting should take place over short periods of time, no longer than one or two days at a time. Make sure you are still eating enough to sustain yourself on the days you have designated for fasting. The amount of food you should be eating varies depending on your body size and gender. One last thing to remember is that hydration is not part of fasting. You still need to be drinking a sufficient amount of water.

Rapid weight loss is not for everyone. Athletes trying to get into certain weight classes have the most to gain from losing weight quickly. Make sure you are losing weight safely and for the right reasons and realize that the healthiest weight loss often takes longer than a few days or weeks to become visible. Educate yourself on the effects of what you are planning gon doing before doing it.


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