5 Tips To Support Your Strength and Readiness For Fighting

As a human being, like everyone else, you live in a contentious world where conflict can be a daily occurrence. Depending on the way you respond to life, you may never actually need to defend yourself physically. At the other extreme, you may intentionally choose to put yourself in the way of physical struggle in order to test your ability and readiness. Regardless of your intentions, these five hacks will help to prepare you for what you may meet on the street. Once you follow this regimen, you may find your confidence in your abilities markedly increased. A confident person is less likely to be challenged and more likely to prevail if challenged.

Optimizing Your Body’s Wholeness Is Priority One

Did you ever see that ancient TV clip in which the late John Belushi portrays a gold medal-winning decathlete who smokes and proclaims that his physical prowess is a result of eating little chocolate donuts? This is hilarious because you know that, before any significant physical gains can be made, you must have physical well-being as a core.

Supporting your body’s nutritional needs and chemical balance is the first step in preparing yourself for the unexpected encounters that lie ahead. It’s essential that you care for your body by giving it the nutrition it needs. For added support, you can try a program like USANA Italy, that have helped athletes learn how to support their body’s needs.

Use Interval Training for Strength and Endurance

Whether you have been in a fight or have watched MMA and boxing, you pick up quickly that fighting is akin to sprinting rather than jogging. It takes a huge amount of energy, following which you need a minute to rest. 

Therefore, interval training turns out to be ideal. It lets you focus intently on certain muscle groups, push them to the maximum and then allows momentary rest periods. One of the best qualities of interval training is its ability to show you where your weaknesses are. Conversely, this means you will need to spend extra time doing those exercises and routines you like the least if you want to be a balanced fighter.

Train for the Conflict You Expect

Work through a street fight in your mind. If someone attempts to assault you, what is the first thing they will do? How will you respond? In an actual brawl, you will not have time to ask yourself these questions. In order to protect yourself and prevail, you will have had to train for the blows, kicks and moves you anticipate the other person to make. There are many good websites and training videos for this available online. As you recognize the particular attacks you might anticipate on the street, there are multiple exercises you can follow to prepare for those moves.

Be Quick About It

One of the false assumptions about your physical ability you need to quash is the notion that a person is either quick or not quick. In reality, through consistent training, anyone can decrease reaction time. Repeating specific motions properly over an extended period burns that action into your muscle memory and makes the motion itself smooth, dependable and uncanny. Your goal is for your body to know what to do without your having to think things over when a physically superior attacker besets you.

Find the Right People and Place to Train

Finally, while you can follow many of these guidelines on your own, you will achieve your highest potential if you find a place to train with and against others. You are not alone in your quest to hone your abilities. Search for a training location with these qualities:

  • Individuals training in a variety of martial arts
  • Weight and strength training equipment
  • Individuals at different levels of ability
  • Managers who understand what you are seeking to accomplish.

The gains you make as you follow your journey to physical wholeness and preparedness will remain with you for a lifetime.


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