50 Cent’s Boxing Promotion SMS Promotions has filed for bankruptcy

Tuesday May 26th, 2015– SMS Promotions was launched in 2012 he attempted to join with Floyd Mayweather Jr. but the two had a falling out over money, so then 50 decided to go on and start the promotion on his own. The promotion has just filed for bankruptcy in US courts.

The court documents that TMZ Sports obtained, were filed in Connecticut, it states that the company is in debt around $100K-$500K. So it appears that Curtis Jackson or better know as 50 Cent, has made the decision to file so the business could reorganize and comeback as a stronger company. Only time can tell on how his Promotion will be in the near future.

“Under the direction of Mr. Jackson, SMS Promotions looks forward to reorganizing as a new corporate entity and becoming one of the leading promotion companies in the world of professional boxing.”

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