6 Ways Combat Sports can Improve Your Life

Movies, shows and documentaries on combat sports have always built a sense of appreciation and awe for combat sports. If anything, we can relate to the character of Po in Kung Fu Panda simply for his fascination and obsession with the art of karate! However, it is no secret that you have to be extremely determined and passionate about this form of sport to be able to perform it as well as professionals.

Combat sports also have a misconception of being extremely dangerous; hence you feel hesitant in joining or participating in them. Although this is true, it is also true that combat sports are extremely beneficial for the development of a human being. Not only do combat sports help in developing physical skills but also help sharpen your mental activity as well.

Combat sports have the ability to challenge a human being in all areas of life; they also help in contributing to the society where a person begins with appreciating oneself and then continues to also appreciate those around them. Once you realize the capabilities that your mind and body hold, and how well equipped your body can be, there isn’t really any turning away from this form of sport.

Below are some reasons why we think that combat sports can help improve your lifestyle.

  1. They help you develop Practical Skills

We all can relate to that feeling of being bored with our everyday and mundane exercising routine; there is something extremely boring about just getting up, going to work and then heading to the gym with nothing new to look forward to. The worst thing about such a routine is the lack of motivation that you have after just a few weeks; although you can see significant results by the end of your routine, pushing yourself to remain determined can prove to be quite difficult.

With combat sports the best thing is that you get to learn something new every single day; every time that you will enter the doors of your fitness class, you will be excited to find out about what you will learn today, and you know it will be something exciting and challenging.

Combat sports teach you the etiquettes of sharing a personal space with other individuals, especially when you feel threatened or unsafe. Combat sports will help sharpen your reflexes so you know when to trust your intuitions and how to act upon them appropriately. Combat sports also help encourage mind and body coordination so you will automatically start becoming very responsive and decisive.

Combat sports also help immensely with building and maintaining a good sense of balance so you can apply this skill in other sports and exercises as well.

  1. They are a complete Fitness Training

Other than developing practical skills, if you go into a combat sports class with just the intention of losing weight, then even that can be achieved very quickly too. These classes help shape and make you work on every inch of your body; not only do you lose excessive fat, but you also build muscle mass, build core strength and get to tone your body muscles very efficiently.

Most fitness classes or gym sessions focus on individualistic fitness goals i.e., to lose weight or focus on muscle sets of the body; when training with combat sports you will be unanimously working on each and every muscle set, sometimes without even realizing it.

  1. Help improve and build Confidence

Remember that the first few weeks of training in any form of combat sport will not be easy; hence when you do find yourself improving immensely, you will begin to feel extremely motivated. And that sense of achieving something you considered to be beyond your capabilities will then give you a boost of confidence; you will feel like you can achieve anything if you work hard enough! Once you wear those boxing gloves it will be as though you have suddenly worn a superhero cape, and now you are invincible!

Since combat sports require you to train with another individual, you will also begin to feel safer and more comfortable sharing personal spaces with other people. If you’re someone who considers themselves to be an introvert, or you don’t open up to people that easily and even if you seem like you may have trust issues, then believe us going into combat sports will help you immensely.

Once you have the confidence that you are in control of your body and of a situation, you will start socializing a lot more!

  1. They Help Manage your stress and anger issues

It has been proven that your anxiety, stress and anger issues tend to go away or become exceedingly controlled once you start any form of a combat sport. Learning how to attack, deliver a punch and kick, duck, grapple and escape will help you feel a lot more in control. This sense of feeling alone helps to make people become more calm and relaxed.

Secondly, the exercises and routines involved in combat sports are so vigorous that they exert all the negative energy out of you! You are left feeling relaxed, calm and more at peace by the end of your session.

To be honest, your body and mind become so exhausted that you don’t have any energy left that can make you enraged or stressed out! We sincerely advise individuals who suffer from anxiety, stress and anger management issues to go out and try to indulge in some form of combat, because once you see those punching mitts and pads, you know you can let out all your negative energy in a safe environment and in a productive way!

  1. You get to Socialize with Like-minded people

Combat sport classes are also an excellent way of meeting new people and creating a group of friends that can provide you with a safe zone in which you can openly express your thoughts, feelings and dilemmas in a physical and spoken way. We have heard of so many individuals who have had traumatic experiences in their lives and these combat classes are therapeutic for them; because they can develop skills that will make them feel safer, they can let out their aggression in a positive way, they can talk and share experiences with those who are familiar with their struggles. Combat classes can easily be considered as being extremely therapeutic and helpful for individuals.

Most importantly you get to learn about other people’s lives and traumas; this helps to widen one’s horizon and become more broad minded. You get to accept the evils in your society and how you can contribute in diminishing them.

  1. You don’t shy away from Challenges

In the beginning of a combat sport session, you will feel intimidated and unworthy of learning such skills and techniques as being displayed in front of you. That will be the first wash of self-realization that you will have to deal with. After you have crossed that stage, you will begin appreciating your mind and body for doing so well as you progress.

After successfully participating in a form of combat sports you will feel up for any kind of a challenge; whether it is related to your fitness, your work, your personal life, suddenly nothing will seem impossible and everything will seem possible! To achieve that sense of accomplishment and confidence, we seriously recommend taking part in some form of a combat sport.


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