6 Ways Fighters Can Ensure They Stay Energized and Ready to Fight

Professional sports fighting has provided enjoyment for both participants and spectators for thousands of years and continues to do so today. Whether you are a career or hobby fighter, you must make sure you take good care of your body. You need to maintain healthy, strong bones and muscles, but you also need to stay alert and keep your energy up to perform at your best. Here are some tips to help you stay energized and prepared for every fight. 

1. Nurture Your Immune System

A common symptom of any type of illness is fatigue or feeling off, so you should try your best to stay healthy. The best way to do so is to take care of your immune system so that it can effectively fight against sicknesses for you. You should make sure to monitor your nutrient levels and keep them appropriately balanced. Invest in vitamin D test kits, supplements, special immunity drinks, and immune-strengthening foods like citrus fruits, ginger, spinach, and almonds. If you do happen to fall ill, make certain you give yourself plenty of time to sufficiently recover. Ease back into your workouts and fights slowly to avoid getting injured or relapsing.

2. Stay Properly Hydrated

Drink water, and when you think you have had enough, drink some more. Sports drinks and caffeinated beverages are okay to have every now and then, but the best hydrating and energy-boosting drink by far is water. You should also avoid large quantities of sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices. The sugar may hype you up temporarily, but that sensation will be short-lived and will actually leave you feeling even more worn out. Alcohol is one sugary drink that is extra bad for energy. As a depressant, alcohol will leave you sluggish and greatly impair your ability to fight. 

3. Get Good Sleep

Insomnia can be one of your worst enemies. Take care to get a sufficient amount of deep, restful sleep every night. Most people need 6-8 hours of good sleep to function optimally. You can help achieve this by developing and sticking to a nighttime routine and bedtime. You may also find it helpful to eliminate all light in the room by purchasing a set of blackout curtains or an eye mask and turning off all electronics. If you do these things and still feel like your sleep is inadequate, consult your doctor about using sleep aids or having a sleep study done.

4. Eat Right

Along with eating immune-boosting foods, you should also consume the proper quantities and types of protein, whole grains, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. You should avoid high amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates as these often lead to energy crashes and lethargy. Ultimately, a well-balanced diet consisting of all five food groups is best. It may be in your best interest to hire a professional nutritionist to guide you before, during, and after your training periods and fights.

5. Exercise Everything

You must maintain an efficient exercise schedule to build up your endurance and keep your body in peak condition. You should vary what kinds of exercise you do and how long you do them. Work each muscle group in different ways too. Changing things up will help your body face anything that comes its way. Do not neglect exercising other parts of your body either. While muscles are certainly important, you can better your endurance most by training your lungs, heart, and mind too. Conduct breathing exercises, cardio, stretching, and meditative techniques to increase your lung capacity, stamina, flexibility, and focus. 

6. Pace Yourself

Do not start out fighting with all your might. You will tire out and lose more often than not if you do not conserve your energy. Try to feel out your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses before going all in. You want to reserve your energy for the times it matters most. Also, do your best to remain loose during the fight. Tensing up your muscles wastes valuable energy and creates a greater risk for injury. 

You need sustained energy to fight a good fight. Follow this advice to effectively energize so you can stay in the game.


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