7 Amazing Techniques To Maintain Skin During Winters

There’s no doubt that the winter season has a unique charm. However, the cold, dry winter air often wreaks havoc on your skin. When exposed to the winter winds, your skin can become itchy and inflamed. Moreover, indoor heat can remove moisture from your skin.

During winters, improper skin care can even lead to severe skin diseases such as eczema. Hence, it’s vital to retain moisture in your skin and keep it supple during this season.

Here are seven amazing techniques to maintain skin during winters.

1.      Apply a Natural Moisturizing Cream Right After Washing

To sustain maximum moisture, you must apply a natural moisturizer to your face and body soon after washing. In addition, wash your skin a couple of times during the day, ideally during mornings and before retiring for the night.

In the daytime, apply a light moisturizer from premium-quality brands like biologique recherche for locking the moisture in. At night, it’s best to use a heavy or thick moisturizing cream to create the perfect balance in your moisturizing routine.

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When moisturizing your body, pay special attention to your hands and feet, as they do the hard work! Remember, a well-moisturized skin undoubtedly remains happy in cold, harsh weather.

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2.      Drink Lots of Water

Unlike the warm season, we often forget about drinking sufficient water throughout the day during winters. Sadly, the drier, less humid air saps moisture from the skin during winter. As a result, when water evaporates quickly from our skin, it’ll feel anything but happy.

Take slow sips of water from a reusable bottle daily instead of gulping for better digestion. Moreover, you can ensure drinking warm beverages like winter teas with natural ginger to help you stay hydrated during the year’s colder months. With a hot cup of ginger tea, experience a healthy, hydrating, and cozy feeling all at one time!

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3.      Use Gentle, Unscented Cleansers

Regular, low-quality bar soaps often consist of irritating constituents and scents. These ingredients can aggravate inflamed, dry skin. Besides, added fragrances aren’t beneficial to dry and damaged skin and instead deplete natural oils from the skin.  Hence, it’s best to use an unscented, hydrating cleanser. Always go for products particularly labeled “fragrance-free.”

Cream cleansers are the perfect choice for dry, sensitive skin and effectively clean dry skin and maintain its natural oils. Your skin undoubtedly deserves special care with such safe cleansers.

4.      Avoid Long, Hot Showers

Isn’t it tempting to stand under a long, hot shower during winter? However, one should avoid taking a steady, steamy shower as warm water can dehydrate you and remove the required natural body oils.

Have you ever felt your skin inflamed and itchy after showering for long with hot water? It’s an indication of showering with hot water.

So, always limit shower time and temperature. Instead, treat your skin to lukewarm water showers of about 10 minutes.

5.      Sunscreen is a Must

Most people are under the impression that sunscreen is essential only during summer. However, the cream is equally necessary for the colder months to protect the skin against harmful UV rays. The sun’s heat can adversely damage the already dried winter skin, and excessive exposure to UV radiation can lead to severe consequences like skin cancer.

If you live at high altitudes, you must reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours and right after feeling sweaty. You can choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 protection before going outside. Remember to apply the sunscreen on easily missed spots, including the nape, ears, and below the chin. In addition, ensure to cover your face, neck, and hands in the sun.

6.      Exercise Regularly

Who on earth would feel like getting out of a snug and warm blanket and exercising on wintry mornings? But it’s a crucial part in maintaining your skin during winters

In the winter months, your body’s oil and sweat glands, along with the blood vessels, reduce slightly in size, often resulting in chapped skin. Physical exercises increase your heart rate and blood circulation in the body, ensuring sufficient oxygen to the skin.

Besides, regular exercises, including high-intensity gym workouts, cycling, and running, lead to sweating that releases toxins and waste products from the skin, thus helping the body detoxify.

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7.      Wear Appropriate Clothing

Remember to wrap up. In winter, your skin becomes frail, and exposure to dust mites and other impurities would only worsen its condition. You should consider using natural, breathable fabrics directly and avoid rough winter clothing that irritates your skin when coming in contact.

Pull on your heavy, warm sweater only on the light, soft clothing. In addition, wear a super-soft scarf and gloves made of sheep’s wool. This way, you’d experience minimal irritation on your hands and neck while staying warm.

If you’re keen on wearing a fancy sweater with some jewelry, ensure that the metallic embellishments aren’t made of nickel to prevent itchy rashes. Besides, clothes tags are a common cause of skin irritation, so you should prefer clothing with information printed right on it. Does your winter gear still have tags on it? Just remove them to reduce friction and experience improved comfort. 

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Follow these hacks religiously in the colder months of the year to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing. Remember to stay hydrated and wrap yourselves with warm clothes this fall to ensure healthy, glowing skin.


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