7 best Tips for a Better Experience with Vape

You might consider vaping as a better smoking alternative, an excellent hobby to pass the time, or an avenue to quit smoking. However, vaping is a habit that has enjoyed wide acceptance. The acceptability is not surprising as vaping has specific properties that make it attractive to users. Vapers need not deal with the residue of tar that follows smokers around, and their health will not take a hit. Overall, vapers can avoid all the side effects of smoking and still satisfy their nicotine craving.

Also, vaping comes with varieties in which users can have various experiences and experiment with multiple flavors to get a perfect choice.

No matter your current experience with vaping, it can be better. There are simple vaping habits you can imbibe to improve your overall vaping experience. Here are seven of such tips:

1.      Invest in Better E-Liquids

Juice is the primary substance in vaping, which makes vaping all about flavor. As a result, you can have the best possible electronic cigarette, but your vaping experience will be negative with the wrong vaping juice. While there are cheap e liquids, they will not get you the desired flavor hit since the carrier liquid is thin and the flavor was managed.

Besides, cheap e liquids also come with nasty additives that might be harmful. Make sure to invest in a high-quality vape juice that will give you terrific concentrate vape pen. Even if a good quality e-liquid has a higher price, bulk purchase decreases the price.

2.      Stay away from Plastic Vape Juice.

The electronic cigarette is a significant and costly investment you will make if you want to start vaping. However, a bad call will be to consider an e-cig with a plastic tank. Some vape starter kits were made with plastic tanks.

The problem with a plastic tank is its inability to resist corrosion from acidic flavors. As a result, it will not perform well with strong vape juice like citrus or menthol flavor. Such flavors can quickly react with the coloring of the plastic, which will affect the taste and flavor of the juice. As a result, you are better off with glass tanks if you love the intense flavor.

3.      Be Smart With Your Vape battery.

Due diligence is pretty essential when buying your vape battery. You will ideally have access to wide varieties, making it necessary to select the most suitable choice. Batteries have different capacities and durability; as a result, endeavor to get a strong one that can retain charges.

This will prevent constant charging and sparing you the frustration of dealing with a flat battery while vaping. It is a mistake to run your vape device with a low battery as it shortens the lifespan. Investing in a spare battery is a good choice. Besides, your device might not be intended to run while charging – take note.

4.      Learn Some Vaping tricks

One of the properties of vaping that makes it attractive to people is creating an illusion with vapor. Vaping results in lots of smokes, and one can get creative by forming several shapes with the vapors. It is possible to create rings, jellyfish, huge clouds, and many others.

While it might take a while to master many vape tricks, they are simple, making vaping much more enjoyable. Some tutorials and guides can teach you vape tricks. It might help you become the sensation at a party, or you might do it for the fun of it.

5.      Protect Your Vape Juice From Sunlight

Make sure to buy vape juice that comes in a dark bottle. It will prevent the sun or any light source from affecting the juice. Besides, the proper storage will go a long way to affect your vaping experience as it determines the nature of the flavor.

Your juice should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. This prevents the sun’s UV rays from reacting with the juice and breaking down the molecules. This might degrade the texture, give a different taste and affect the vaping experience.

6.      Select the Perfect Vaping Gear

Many people have gravitated towards vaping. As a result, manufacturers capitalized on this and made available a series of vaping gadgets to suit different tastes. As a result, we have portable electronic devices, dry herb vaporizers, disposable e-cigs, etc.

Choosing the best vaping experience will go a long way to give you a better vaping experience.

The discreet vaper, for instance, can try a wax pen that employs a convection system to generate vapors. It is possible to use a wax on the coil to produce vapor from any herb like cannabis, basil, green tea, etc. When this coil heats up, it produces light vapor, ideal for discreet vaping. Heavy vapers, on the other hand, will love an e-cig.

7.      Stay Hydrated

The constituent of your vape juice can lead to severe dehydration. This is because one of the components of vape juice has an affinity for water, leading to significant water loss. As a result, make sure to drink enough water if you vape excessively. It can help cancel out the effect of dehydration like headache, dizziness, etc.


Vaping can be fun and pleasant, depending on how far you can go to improve your vaping experience.

Here are practical tips with which you can have a better experience with vaping.



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