7 Most Popular Weed Strains In 2022

Weed, also called cannabis, is an exciting herb genus known for its recreational and mind-altering characteristics.

Its cultivation and use date back to written language itself, and its spiritual and therapeutic use span countless cultures globally throughout history.

Despite its all-presence, some people don’t fully understand what weed is or its unique effects on the mind and body, depending on the strains.

Perhaps you’re one of them, and you’d like to know the most popular weed strains along with their effects. The following part will help you find the answers.

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What Consumers Use Weed For

Currently, specialists categorize cannabis consumption into two primary uses: medical and recreational. Medical consumers utilize weed to eliminate manifestations like

  • Appetite loss
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

On the other hand, recreational cannabis users for a variety of purposes, including

  • Creative stimulation
  • Enjoyment
  • Stress relief

These effects are determined by numerous active compounds (e.g., CBD, THC, and cannabinoids) that can offer various medical benefits.

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Most Popular Weed Strains In 2022

While there are numerous weed strains in the market, the following are the most popular ones worth trying in 2022.You can visit https://marijuanapy.com/.

1.      MK Ultra Strain

 It’s a G-13 and OG Kush child and has a piney and delicious flavor. The effects of MK Ultra Strain for cannabis users are nearly hypnotic, fast-acting, and cerebral. Typically, consumers experience a deep sensation of euphoria and relaxation.

1.      Exotic gelato strain

The Exotic gelato strain, also known as Larry Bird, is arguably the most popular exotic cannabis strain on the market today. … Looking at the Gelato strain, it showcases beautiful coloration and ample trichome density. The nearly wet-looking nugs have plenty of dark purple hues and striking orange pistils to delight the eyes

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2.      White Fire

It has higher-than-usual THC content at around 28%; hence, the effects are mostly energizing. Besides, users hail this strain for its cerebral, relaxing, and uplifting impacts.

3.      Mimosa Evo

Its THC levels in Mimosa Evo can get up to 30%, delivering an uplifting and soothing impact that may energize you. In addition, it might give you a clear-headed happy high throughout the day.

4.      Chemdawg

Chemdawg is another top-quality weed strain with THC concentrations between 15% and 20%. Its strong effect on the brain may increase energy levels while eliminating negative thoughts. It may also boost focus and relaxation.

5.      The New/Humboldt

This Indica dominant strain combines two parents, Larry OG and Girl Scout Cookies, with THC concentrations at 28%. The strains give you a sense of euphoria while improving focus and concentration.

6.      Future #1

It’s a popular thread with over 30% THC concentrations. Some experts have even confirmed up to 37% THC. The strain can enhance your cerebral activity and help you relax. Besides, its users also know it for its rejuvenating effects when you take it in controlled quantities.

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Understanding the Weed Plant

Cannabis is a yearly flowering herb that shows female or male reproductive organs.

This means that a male must pollinate a female to manufacture seeds (unless the plant expresses rare hermaphroditic characteristics).

A female herb that doesn’t get pollen within its reproductive cycle is called sinsemilla, a Spanish word that means ‘without seed.’

These seedless females produce the big, resinous buds that manufacturers process into oils and other products for topical uses, vaping, and consumption.

Most people confuse weed with hemp. Hemp refers to a different subspecies of cannabis that cultivators commonly grow for seeds and fiber. This plant has lower THC content, a main psychoactive element responsible for mind-altering effects.

Common Forms of Weed

There are six primary forms of cannabis. They are:

  • Topicals: manufacturers design them for direct application on the skin.
  • Tinctures: fluid concentrates that manufacturers produce through alcohol extraction, pulling out many of the herb’s beneficial cannabinoids.
  • Kief: refers to the sticky, bulbous crystalline formations on the tip of a gland referred to as a ‘trichome.’
  • Hash oil: producers can create it using different solvents such as butane that extract the resinous material from the cannabis plant’s flowers.
  • Hashish: creators make it by compressing the marijuana herb’s cannabinoid-rich resin.
  • Marijuana (flower): it’s the cured and dried flowers of female cannabis herbs.

Tips on Purchasing Weed Like an Expert

If you’re new to buying weed, here are some pointers to ensure that you receive nothing but the best quality.

  • Avoid weed with plenty of seed and stem content; stems aren’t helpful and will do very little in boosting your expectations to get ‘high.’ Seeds are worse because they have a bad tendency to explode when you set them alight.
  • Go for weed with a high trichome count: an adequately-cultivated thread of high-quality pot should produce buds packed with trichomes.
  • Use the ‘shelf’ system: if you buy your pot from a dispensary, you may notice three distinctive shelves of weed. The MJ on the top shelf is of the best quality. The one in the middle is of average quality, while the bottom shelf is the least potent.
  • Consider the trim and bud structure: most organizations use trimming machines, interfering with weed’s trichome content. Settle for hand-trimmed pot.
  • Pay attention to its taste and smell: quality strains have the flavor and fragrance of glorious musk.


Weed strains can work for you if you choose them wisely. Remember to consider your likes and experience with cannabis before making a purchase. Also, conduct as much investigation as you can, consume it responsibly, and ensure that you buy from a certified weed seller.


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