7 Tips And Tricks In Maintaining The Required Weight In MMA Welterweight Division

In the welterweight division, you must maintain a weight of 155-170lbs, so it is essential to maintain your weight and try hard to stay in shape. MMA fighters undergo extreme weight cuts or muscle growth before the pre-fight weigh-ins to ensure that they are within their weight class. That is why maintaining their mass is crucial for welterweights and other UFC classes.

Understand Why You Are Losing Muscle

Before anything else, you must first understand why you are losing muscles and figure out the habits keeping you from maintaining them. This is to give you an idea of how you have been doing the past few weeks.

So, the primary reason a person loses muscles is poor nutrition, lack of exercise, aging, or health problems. If you feel like you are losing too much weight or are having a hard time maintaining it even after your efforts, you must visit a healthcare practitioner and coordinate with them.

Never Skip Resistance Training

You must know how resistance training can help your body. It is essential that you must perform several times a week because you will need to lift weights to help you maintain those muscles frequently.

With the help of resistance training will make your muscles combat against the equipment’s force and it would also help keep your flexibility and balance to improve your equipment handling for effective exercise.

Drink Your Protein

In muscle building, protein is an essential nutrient that your body will need. That is why protein shakes are good after a workout. Since the muscles slightly tear during workouts, protein’s amino acids will help repair and maintain the muscle tissue. 

People say that you truly gain more muscles during your rest times. So, it would be best to look for a protein shake that would help you with your muscle training. So, do not forget to check the label to find out if they have the ingredients you would need.

Moreover,  protein shakes are usually consumed together with popular pre-workout blends which an athlete drinks before starting their intensive regimen. It is a drink mix that allows them to boost their workout performance. So, it is consumed before an exercise to boost performance and a protein shake to help with muscle restoration.

Keep Up With Your Weight Training

Weight training is a definite way to prevent muscle loss and an effective way to grow new muscles. Even the 2022 top welterweight champion Kamaru Usman never skips his weight training. Men’s Health mentioned in his volume last year that he will add brute strength to produce functional fitness while simultaneously doing his 230kg squat and 165kg benching.

This alone shows that it takes serious discipline to reach your goal. To do this, you can improve your weight training, and with frequency, you can achieve your goal with no problem.

Keep Track Of Your Activity

After planning and formulating your workout plans, you must ensure the consistency and frequency of the exercise. The fighter loses or gains weight while training because they get lost track of their activities.

One might get too indulged in his routine and outdo the goal for the day. Though it is a good thing, it can be crucial when trying to maintain a weight class. The best way to resolve this is to ensure that you keep track of your daily activities and set a goal for every routine.

You must keep this in mind to complete your plan to maintain and not lose or gain much more muscle mass.

Drink Enough Water

UFC fighters before that were forced to drop a liter of water intake days before the fight because of missing the cut. Although this sounds very concerning, fighters were still able to take the match, all thanks to the IV rehydration.

Fighters take advantage of the IV to cope with the dehydration in trying to complete the weigh-ins. However, the UFC has banned IV rehydration because of the risks it can cause. As a result, you must not overlook the importance of water and hydration as a fighter. UFC athletes will be dealing with many physical strikes, and dehydration would have a much more dangerous risk that includes brain problems and might lead to brain death.

As much as possible, while trying to maintain your weight, keep your water beside you and stay hydrated.

Get Proper Sleep

Now, why sleep? Sleep is an integral part of a regular person’s daily routine, especially for MMA fighters. During this time, your body can fully recover and ensure your optimum performance the next day. Aside from trying so much to maintain your weight, do not forget to take care of yourself.

Additionally, insufficient sleep quality can result in poor reaction time, speed, and accuracy. So, it affects your mobility and your ability to move during a critical match, too, which is why when it is time to rest, you must take this seriously. Keep in mind that at least ten hours of sleep are needed for athletes to boost their athletic performance.

Final Thoughts

Above all, it is essential to understand that UFC fighters have a variety of workout routines that they take depending on their upcoming matches. However, the list above is vital when keeping track of a fighter’s weight. So, when trying to formulate your routine, aside from the other strength and workout routines, ensure that the things listed above are addressed to help you have an effective weight-maintaining program.


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