7 Ways to Optimize Your Health Before Your Next Fight

While many people are choosing to avoid air travel right now, that isn’t an option for everyone. If you find yourself with an upcoming flight scheduled, there are things you can do to help make it a success.

1. Eat a Varied Diet

Yoru gut health directly impacts your overall wellness. Emerging research shows that the digestive system is the heart of a huge portion of the body’s immune response. That means a healthy gut can lead to fewer illnesses as well as lower rates of chronic disease. A varied diet loaded with prebiotic fiber and nutrients encourages the growth of beneficial gut flora. Prebiothrive reviews show research into how herbal supplements and probiotics can aid in digestive processes.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water is essential to every metabolic process that goes on in the human body. This should come as no surprise when you think that people are more than half water by volume. That is why staying hydrated is key to maintaining your health. Unfortunately, many people will restrict fluids before flying in an effort to avoid small (and difficult to clean) airplane bathrooms. While it is probably fine to limit your fluids immediately before your trip, try to start drinking water about halfway through your flight. Avoid caffeinated beverages or salty foods that could cause you to feel dehydrated sooner.

3. Learn a Few Seated Stretches

Sitting in the same position for any length of time can be rough on your body. Learning a few stretches you can do while confined to your airplane seat will help you stay flexible and limber during your trip. Plus, you don’t have to restrict them to only on-pane use. Seated stretches are a great way to break up a long work session at your desk, too.

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4. Practice Progressive Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a mindfulness technique that virtually anyone can do. It reduces stress, helps you focus and can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate levels. Once you get comfortable going through the sequence in a quiet place, you’ll be able to find the same sense of quiet and balance on a crowded plane.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

While you quietly slumber away, your body is working to get systems in order, regulate hormones and other chemicals and repair any damaged tissues. That is why failure to get enough rest, even for just a few days, can result in signs of sleep deprivation. Don’t take your chances, and work to get between seven and nine hours of sleep most nights. Maintaining a regular bedtime routine and waking up at around the same time every day can help make it easier.

6. Spice Up Your Meals

A lot of talk about diet focuses on macronutrients and food groups. While that is important, it overlooks some of the most beneficial aspects of a health-focused diet: the spices. Many herbs and spices offer a surprising wealth of health benefits. Used correctly, they can become a key part of a diet designed to optimize your health. These are just a few examples of how common spices can benefit you:

  • Turmeric helps fight inflammation
  • Ginger can aid in digestion and reduce stomach upset
  • Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin that can help boost your immune system and may combat some types of cancer
  • Rosemary eases allergy symptoms and nasal congestion

7. Exercise Your Mind

There is an undeniable connection between physical and emotional wellbeing. So, instead of turning all of your attention to keeping your body in shape, look at how you can exercise your mind, too. Playing word and number puzzles that require complex problem solving is a great way to keep you reminded and engaged. Adult coloring engages your creative thought processes, too, which can help reduce stress and improve focus.

By keeping your mind, body and emotions in shape, you can optimize your health for your next flight.


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