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Are you a newbie in Karate training? Want to get some incredible tips? Check this post to find more.


Are you passionate about karate? Want to enroll in a karate class? Love to discover the world of karate and implement the principles in your life? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Span Chen is a top-notch karate master in China. He will answer all your questions in this post. You will get step-by-step guidance on how to learn, practice and master karate.

Listed below are the eight best tips for new karate students. Here you will learn how to prepare yourself and familiarize yourself with karate. Keep reading.

▬   Start From The Beginning.

While learning karate, you must not worry about anything like getting hurt or feeling embarrassed. You will join a karate training institute to learn not to feel ashamed. Your master will train you in a professional, friendly and safe atmosphere.

Remember, it can be a little uneasy when you start learning something new. However, this new thing will help you to learn, grow and transform with time. Your karate master will support you in every possible way. He will guide you step by step.

When you learn and master those steps, other beginners will seek advice from you! So, keep learning without any fear.

▬   It Would Be Best If You Learned To Bow.

In karate training bowing means showing respect to your masters or practitioners. Regardless of the level of experience the master or practitioner has, it is a must to bow. It is a significant rule. Before entering and leaving the dojo, you have to bow.

Also, it would help if you bowed when any class starts and ends. To enter the dojo, to learn the karate history and to practice, you must bow.

▬   Master The Karate Terms.

When you start learning karate, you will find some terms that you must know and understand. For example, while practicing karate, you will find the term “Karateka”, which means the karate practitioner.

On the other hand, “Kihon” means building blocks. In building blocks, you will practice breathing, biomechanics, self-awareness, and different techniques and so on.

When “Kihon” is clear to you, you will move to “Kata”. Here “Kata” means the ancient models and forms of preset and thorough patterns of movement.

These patterns include fighting structures, codes and symbols for safety, and you will practice these patterns in karate. Dojo means the place or school for training karate. With time, you will learn about more karate terms.

▬   Tie Your Karate Belt.

In karate, you will get different belts based on the levels you complete. With the progress of your performance, you will get a new belt. You will see white, yellow, black stripe, green, purple, brown etc., belts. These belts indicate the level of experience you’ve gained from the karate training.

Your karate trainer will teach you to tie a karate belt. But isn’t it the best idea to learn how to tie a belt in advance?

It would help if you also learned how, where and when you need to get the uniform. Contact the karate school or the trainer to know how to get a kit for your karate training.

In the karate training institute run by Span Chen, you will first need to visit the institute in any dress. When you enroll for karate training, you will get all the instructions on how to dress and get the uniform and other kits.

▬   Don’t Miss To Fuel Your Body Correctly.

While practicing karate, you will burn lots of calories. You will need to focus in your training session mentally and physically. Therefore, you should eat properly and timely so that your body can get time for digesting the food.

You will sweat a lot while learning karate. So, make sure you hydrate yourself before the class. You must give your best efforts to learn and practice the karate steps. Keep preparing yourself to see yourself in a new position.

▬   Join & Get Ready In Time.

It would help if you gave importance to the timing. You have to join and get ready properly for the training sessions in time.

Also, it would help if you warmed up before the class starts. If you warn up the muscles just before beginning the workout, it will avert any discomfort, decrease the possibility of injury. Also, it will boost the health and mind.

You will get the proper capability to master new karate moves. If you learn how to value your time and do things on time, it will help considerably in karate training and your life.

▬   Make A Commitment.

If you desire and are even all set to learn karate, you must commit that you will give your best at any cost. It requires lots of constant practice to master the poses and techniques in karate.

You will also get lessons on how to condition your body and mind. You have to practice all the methods even outside of your class.

If you attend your karate classes and do not practice the lessons at home, it will be pretty challenging to master karate.

For the development of your mind and body, you should keep practicing until you become well trained. So, make a bold commitment to yourself that will help you fulfill your dream of learning karate.

Final Thoughts

I believe the best tips mentioned above will help you considerably in the first few karate classes. These tips will make the lessons more straightforward and more enjoyable.

If you want to learn more about karate training, you can visit and ask whatever you want to know.

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