8 Top fighters that can guide you to CBD

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Scientists all over the world are well abreast of the tremendous benefits of CBD and its benefits for the human body. CBD can act on and ease inflammation, pain, and symptoms of many diseases. You can also check an interesting article on CBD oils here.

And the knowledge about this God Plant is not anymore dormant for the athletes around the globe.

This article illuminates the top fighters across the globe who use CBD for its incredible benefits and healing power. Get on reading to know more about them.

Image by Terre Di Cannabis from Pixabay

Before diving into the things that show that CBD is crucial for fighters, let’s shine a bright light on all those talented fighters who use CBD for their well-being.

8. Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a lightweight UFC fighter. He uses CBD oils and products that are strictly and purely derived from hemp. The fighter uses the CBD oil through his training as well as the recovery period. His proud sponsors are Love Hemp, a growing company in the UK.Companies like CBDfx wants to help people in pain and that’s why they are putting more emphasis on Research & development of better CBD products each year.

7. Jake Shields

Jake Shields is number seven on the list from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). People might get stunned when they hear about him supporting this God Plant, but it is as true as it gets. Jake Shields also openly supports the new organization – Cannathelete. This organization promotes the use of CBD for fighters by holding fight events like 420 Games. These events are considered as respectful as the Olympics, among the athletes who use CBD. Jake was often seen wearing the merchandise t-shirts of the Cannathelete organization.

6. Brandon Vera

For people looking for some confirmation about the CBD’s efficacy over performance, we have included Brandon on our list. Brandon openly talks about CBD products in many interviews. Brandon is the current ONE FC heavyweight Champion of MMA. He readily shows support to the Kannaway, a company that is on its way to becoming the best in its field. Kannaway tirelessly produces CBD infused supplements, cosmetic, and skin-care products. He also clarifies that he supports CBD which is not psychoactive and doesn’t mess with the mind and body as cannabis does.

5. Curtis Blaydes

Curtis is another heavyweight fighter included in the eight-name list. He fights in the much known UFC league. He also actively uses CBD products and Receptra Naturals is the company that backs him in the process. An interview with Curtis quoted that he uses CBD every day, post-training. Cutis thinks that the use of CBD will prolong the careers of all the fighters and will also give an advantage to the top fighters to hold their positions for a longer time. To more curious people who think about his reputation as he has a ‘no contest’ on his record, that was due to the use of THC and not CBD. So yes, CBD still stands safe and sound.

4. Rashad Evans

How can we forget the archives and hall of fame stars? He left the octagon on 25th June 2018, and since then he was seen and heard using CBD for his chronic pain due to the fight injuries. In one of his Facebook posts, he promotes the use of CBD and says that if he could give his young self one advice – it would be to use CBD for better relief from post-fight injuries, and other recoveries of the body and the mind. So, make sure you order weed online from reputed retailers for a much potent medicine.

3. Ronda Roussey

The only female on our list. Well, she doesn’t use CBD products, or even if she does, it’s not yet open to the audience. But she publicly opposed the ban on Nick Diaz for using CBD. On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ she was spotted stating that Nick Diaz was not to be tested for CBD and it is ethically not right to ban players for using CBD. She also confirmed that CBD is not a performance enhancer and if one takes it, then he/she should not be banned straight away. She deserves all our respect for coming out and showing the support.

2. Jon ‘the Bones’ Jones

Undoubtedly, the GOAT. Recently, Pure Cana announced that they are officially backing up the MMA fighter. Although, for now, he is banned due to illicit use of the white powder PED (performance-enhancing drugs). But he always was, now and then spotted with CBD blunts Cannabis and other hemp-related products. Apart from this, in an interview with USA Today, he admitted that he has always used cannabis, marijuana, and pot right from his school life, and throughout his wrestling career in the school.

1. Nate Diaz

The only non-penalized and unbanned brother from the two legendary Diaz brothers. He openly uses CBD vaporizers in press conferences and public appearances. He was also punished, many times, by the USADA and UFC for using illicit products like kush, THC infused cannabis and other illegal PEDs. Leaving the illegal things aside, we support his use of CBD in and outside the rings.

He was also spotted puffing CBD aside from the triathlons with his brother Nick who was put under a five-year ban from the MMA and UFC. Also, we appreciate his endless strength and cardio sessions that he showcases even after using so much CBD. This fact breaks the age-old notion that all CBD users are useless and lazy smokers.

Is CBD legal for MMA and UFC fighters?

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Yes, about UFC, for now, CBD is legal for fighters to use both inside and outside the competition.

Why is CBD good for fighters?

Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay
  • CBD acts fast on inflammation.

Experts have proved the impressive effects that CBD has on inflammation. And there is no doubt that fighters get inflammation after ugly injuries during MMA fights. That’s why it’s good for fighters to take CBD. Seeing them recover from inflammation, it’s also safe to say that we should now turn towards CBD for healing inflammatory diseases.

  • CBD aids good sleep.

Everyone, not only boxers, needs a good night’s sleep. CBD does exactly that. CBD relieves the mind and provides a better sleep to these fighters to heal from the injuries endured during fights and training.

  • CBD won’t leave fighters high and chill

Last, but not the least, CBD is not psychoactive, so it helps the fighters by calming their pain, mind, and keeping them focused. But all this is done without the ‘high’ effects that cannabis or marijuana has on the human body. Also, CBD products nowadays are THC free, and thus no sports organization bans them for its use.

Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of all the fighters that use CBD for their well-being, and you also know the amazing benefits of the hemp-derived CBD, it’s time for you to take the leap of faith. Go on and try the God Plant, and see for yourself why it is named so. Just remember to start slow and increase the dose steadily. Also, don’t take the first steps without your medical advisor.


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