8 Upgrades Every Boxing Gym Needs

All businesses face the necessity of upgrades from time to time, and a boxing gym is no different. With each passing year, there are new pieces of equipment, new training techniques, and new safety requirements imposed by insurance agencies and regional governing bodies. To keep your gym up to date and optimized for your members, look into the following upgrades if you have not already.

1. Safety Gear

Safety should always take first priority when equipping your gym members for training, so keeping up-to-date gloves, headgear, and mats is a must. Luckily, much of the padded gear that your fighters need to keep safe during training can be purchased piecemeal rather than just in full sets, allowing you to replace worn gear as necessary. It is also a good idea to keep back and joint braces on hand for use while weight training.

2. Interactive Equipment

Interactive exercise machines offer self-guided training regimens that can free up personal training time for fighters who need more one-on-one training. There are even interactive mirror trainers on the market that can potentially work as a way to interact with your members remotely if they want the instruction of gym-training but the freedom of a home gym.

3. Smart Utilities

Operating a lot of electric equipment all day bumps up your utility bill, but there are ways of reducing that burden. One of the best options available now is to sever ties with the power grid and switch to solar. The costs of solar power have gotten much more affordable in recent years, so consider looking up reliable solar installers near me and making the transition to self-sufficiency on your electricity usage.

4. Compact Weight Training Equipment

Optimizing your floor space is an essential part of running a smooth operation. If your members are struggling for elbow-room, their training and attitudes toward your gym suffers. One of the best ways to optimize your space is to upgrade your free weights to a compact system, like dial-adjustable dumbbells and cable strength training systems. These take up less space but still offer the same degree of flexibility in training applications.

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5. Bare Walls

Rather than leaving wall space bare, upgrade this space with bars and pulley systems to add more training equipment and training options for your members. it also helps to optimize space that may otherwise go unused. Plus, if you install compact or foldaway systems, you can still more easily clear out additional space as needed.

6. Hydration Station

Sports drinks may be a popular choice, but having clean, pure drinking water on hand is the best way to stay properly hydrated. There are many water containers on the market, but the most important thing to keep in mind is quality. Rather than cheap plastics or aluminum containers, your water station should be stainless steel, tempered glass, or food-safe BPA-free plastic. These materials keep your drinking water untainted and safe for consumption.

7. Physical Therapy

You should consider physical therapy services to keep your members in top shape. Fighters will get injured from time to time, and having a physical therapist to work with your physical trainers speeds up their recovery time and gets your members back in training as soon as possible.

8. Gear Cleaning

Cleanliness is not always associated with exercise equipment, especially worn exercise gear. That is why having a laundry and cleaning service available to your gym members is a crucial upgrade to consider. By offering fresh, clean equipment available upon arrival, you add a new level of convenience that is sure to put your gym a step above your competition.

It can be a fine line between trying to draw new membership and maintaining your current patrons, but anything you can add to your gym to improve convenience, motivation, and overall satisfaction is usually worth the investment. Just keep an open mind and consider the possible benefits of these types of upgrades.


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