By: R Eric Ellsion

Mark Hunt has had one of the most interesting and accomplished roads in MMA. Few guys have had as much success, especially in the brightest of spotlights, while posting a very average record. At 10-8-1, Hunt has been able to rise to the top of the UFC’s heavyweight division since leaving behind his K-1 and PRIDE glory days. Since entering the Octagon, Hunt has been on fire, racking up a record of 5-2-1 over some of the best on the scene. His most recent win, a KO over fellow powerhouse Roy Nelson, all but placed him in title contention.

Fabricio Werdum (18-5) has had quite the storied career as well. Also a veteran of PRIDE, where he relied very heavily on his grappling and submission skills, Werdum has made quite the change since rejoining Zuffa’s roster in 2012. His time evolving his striking with Chute Boxe has paid off in a big way, and today’s Werdum is a well rounded guy, with one hell of a chin to complete the package. Standing at 9-3 inside The Octagon, Fabricio has racked up four back to back impressive wins over guys like Noguira, Roy Nelson, and Travis Browne. This of course lead to Fabricio gripping the title shot against heavyweight king Cain Velasquez slated for UFC 180 in November.

Then, last week, it was announced that Velasquez had to pull out of UFC 180 due to an injury, and that fans would instead be treated to an interim title bout between Mark Hunt and Fabricio Werdum. Of course, many were saddened not to see the return of Cain, and furthermore, left wondering when exactly they would finally see the champion back in the cage. However, there can be no doubt that a resounding mass of UFC fans are absolutely enticed by this new upcoming fight between Werdum and Hunt.

So today we want to take a bit of a closer look at this match. First Stop is renown for it’s statistical pieces, and what better way to get excited for this fight than to see just how numerically sound of a scrap it is. The common word across the internet is that Hunt is going to be dominated with the grappling, and most likely submitted before the final bell. This intriguing thought has pushed us at First Stop to dig a little deeper into the possibilities, as real as we can see.

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