Steve Montgomery is one hell of a fighter. A stalwart member of American Top Team, Montgomery continues to impress and grow on the pro circuit in the Southeast. Current Conflict Welterweight champion, “The Creepy Weasel” also won his fight this past Friday in the main event of famed Absolute FCs return to MMA via TKO in the opening frame, and is slated to defend his title at Conflict MMA’s Havoc IV in Savannah next month. Constantly improving and evolving, there can be no doubt that Montgomery is one of the brightest rising fighters around.

Potentially what’s more impacting and inspiring than his performances inside the cage are his activities outside the battlefield. A constant pursuer of the art, Steve is the type of individual that is in love with fighting. Beyond that, the science behind everything that comes before fight night, during it, and after. The sort of fighter that lives and breathes a very true form of passion for bettering the self. The tested approach in knowing a fight begins well before the show, and takes much more than just the body to perform. At any point, you can find Steve talking about the chemicals processed foods contain just as often as discussing MMA or challenging a concept with another.

Montgomery is also one of the biggest supporters of the sport and his teammates that I have ever encountered. Of course all brothers and sisters lend their support to one another, but Steve brings this humble energy into taking those extra moments to include others. Guys like Ferdinando Acerra, as another example, remind us of the important factor of community. I sometimes feel like these guys know something I don’t about the way energy moves about the universe. They just find a way to be so positive in so many more situations than one would even perhaps think to do so. It is an evoking thing, to say the least.

I have watched Montgomerys journey, and tonight I had that kind of tingly revelation a MMA fan gets when something uncanny dawns upon them. Like, for example, Jon Jones fighting in his first title bout against Shogun Rua. Or the way I felt watching Will Brooks slowly creep up on Michael Chandler and defeat a top fighter in the game, and one of Bellators most elite combatants. The way that fight played out is exactly how I feel about Steve “the Creepy Weasel” Montgomery. He is going to do the exact same thing, and sooner rather than later.

The man is one of the most hungry fighters I know. He might kick my ass for saying it, but I know for a fact that he has offered his entire purse to any fighter who would step up and keep a fight booked. He is also a thinker, and spreads philosophy to the mind and the body. He once told me that it seemed like so many people were afraid to fight one another. If it’s all in good sport and fun, why is everybody so afraid? I remember that feeling of thinking that this is the type of guy who really would fight most anywhere, anytime, against anyone. And, most impressively of all, none of that had to do with any sort of snide arrogance. He just really loves to fight and compete. It reminds me of how thrilled a surfer gets knowing big waves are approaching.

I did not come here to pour admiration all over one fighter. I’m merely using Montgomery as an example of a whole new breed of fighter that has began to take hold in the sport. Fighters infused with a true family team, honest inner happiness, defined love for the sport, and a whirlwind of humor-laced arrogance and humble confidence. These guys shine in a way that fighters and teams focused on anger or anything other than one another just don’t seem to. Not just on fight night either, but everyday in the gym and through the winding paths of life.

Guys like that aren’t defined by paper. Their greatness, which is coming, will not be told through numbers. No, it’ll be the sort of thing you have to feel to understand. That jolt a fan gets when he sees the finish he hoped for. The mounting excitement leading up to a match someone is absolutely dying to see. That spark is their greatness. We have many camps and teams in the Southeast that have these sort of competitors in their ranks. I feel its almost like a great star alignment in the sky the way they are all hitting their stride at the same time. It won’t be long now before many of these guys you see on XFE, Conflict, Wild Bills, Hard Play and such around here will be whisked off to be a part of a great change in the sport; people showing love all around.

So I say unto thee, be good to your fellow man, even if you have to beat his ass over some gold in order to chase your dream. I think your dreams may just be better gained for it. Go out and give your support in full to something, it may just turn out to be the fuel you yourself needed all along.

BY: R Eric Ellison

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