A Promotion based on Respect: SteelFist Fight Night

Monday January 11, 2016 I had the honor of talking with Pat Patton, co-owner of the Utah based promotion SteelFist Fight Night. I covered their recent Conquer Card and it was a great night of fights. It’s clear why, the owners care about their fighters and what kind of product they are a part of.

One of 3 boys raised in a home with a single mom, fighting was something that happened regularly in the Patton home. Life in general has been  a fight to accomplish anything in their lives. Much like their journey in bringing quality fights to the fans in Utah. 

A Few years back the Patton brothers saw the need for a legitimate MMA promotion. To showcase the talent in their home state and to give fighters an experience that was deserving of their dedication to the sport. 

“In 2010 there was a promotion that was run out of a bar. Fighters warmed up in a janitors room, they paid for their own water. It’s not fair for fighters to be treated like that.”

Further explaining that loyalty is what they live by and ️respect is what they fight for, in all areas of life. How they run their promotion is no different. 

No one including family thought it would be possible in Utah (with the stigma of the Mormon state) to develop and grow a successful MMA promotion. Two boys, from a broken home in West Jordan with a mission. Today Steel Fist is held in both Salt Lake City and Farmington. They have broken records with most fights in one night as well as most female fights on one card. Bypassing the all female promotion Invicta. Proving not only does Utah have talent, they have the thirst for good fights. 

It doesn’t come with out its cost and boat loads of stress, but it’s all worth it. It’s about going back to the basics, ️️as Pat puts it, it starts with  respect. It’s clear there is a mutual respect from the owners to the fighters and everyone involved. As I walked around the Legacy Events Center I saw nothing but smiles and heard nothing but good things from everyone I talked to. 

“I’m not rich I won’t ever be rich sometimes we barely clear our costs. But the end of the day there’s a lot of smiling faces. The fighters thank me, their families thank me, that’s why we do it”. 

Pat goes on to explain while a lot of people see fighting as barbaric their promotion is an outlet and a family to those who fight under their banner. Some coming from white-collar jobs others blue-collar, some recovering addicts. It’s a place for fighters regardless of backgrounds to find a different way of life. It’s no wonder their name comes up if you’re in the community and ask someone do you watch MMA? They respond with  “oh you mean SteelFist?” 

With a plethora of gyms to choose from they are harvesting the local talent that many promotions over look. 

With one packed card already wrapped up the next card will be announced soon for March. We are promised some amazing women’s fights as well as mens. 

By: Korey Lane



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