A Shift In Reebok Sponsorship Pay

Monday April 20th, 2015– According to the Sports Business Journal report, the fighter’s pay with Rebook will be determined by their experience in the UFC’s octagon. The system replaces rankings and will use the fighter’s number of bouts in the octagon, with different tiers:

  • 1-5 fights.
  • 6-10 fights.
  • 11-15 fights.
  • 16-20 fights.
  • 21 fights or greater.
  • Only exception applies to title fights, because the title challengers and reigning champions will receive greater compensation.

As of now we are not sure the exact dollar figures for each tier. As we all remember the fighters are required to wear Reebok-branded apparel which you can read the article here.

In addition to experience-based pay, the fighters will receive 20% of any UFC merchandise sold that bears their likeness. Stay tuned as more information about this will be available in the upcoming weeks.

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