By: Eric Ellison

What we have here is two UFC vets that are also some of the grittiest and most durable warriors competing under the Zuffa banner. Both guys have been involved in some of the bloodiest wars in UFC history. Both have taken some of the hardest shots we have seen, oftentimes to rally and take the win. Both personify that electricity fight fans are so addicted to. This isn’t just a nice replacement to keep Diego on the cards, no sir. This fight is better than the original match all together.

Diego Sanchez has gone to the cards 16 times in 32 fights. Joe Lauzon only four times in 33. Sanchez has never been submitted in his pro career, and Lauzon boasts a whopping 17 submission victories. On the flip side, Joe has only won on the cards a single time, and Sanchez cardio is notorious for carrying a war all the way to the judges. Both guys have a striking and grappling output that is hands down some of the best statistically around, and both share the same “hit-or-miss” numbers in their accuracy. And last but not least, Sanchez and Lauzon get hit a pretty good bit in their fights.

I literally heard this news and had to stop for a moment and take in exactly how awesome the announcement is. If the UFC 180 line up wasn’t exciting enough with the return of heavyweight kingpin Cain Velasquez capping off the night, it certainly is full on ablaze now. Hardcore fans already know the potential for this fight, and it’s time for the casual fans to take notice of this one here. My only question now is, who do you think is going to win?

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