Abdouraguimov set sights on Cavalheiro

Abdoul Abdouraguimov has announced that after competing against Sidney Wheeler at Brave 14, he is prepared to face Rodrigo Cavalheiro. Abdouraguimov is the latest undefeated prospect to sign with Brave Combat Federation. A national of France Abdoul has his origins at Dagestan, Russia. Abdouraguimov who is a national champion at Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu, is set to make his debut at Brave Combat Federation against the American welterweight. The bout against Wheeler is already widely discussed after both sides had initiated a war of words prior to the bout.

The latest statement from Abdouraguimov has grabbed the attention as he set sights upon Cavalheiro who is also undefeated at Brave Combat Federation and came after a vicious knockout upon Karl Amoussou. Cavalheiro has not responded to the statement, however citing that he is going to defeat Wheeler before facing Cavalheiro will further create differences between the welterweight from Dalton, USA who has an 8-2-0 career record. Abdouraguimov’s first fight with Brave will take place at Brave 14 hosted in Tangier, Morocco at 18th August.

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