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Welcome to FightBookMMA.com the only place where you will find Real Combat Sports News from all over the world. We’re not your Breaking News Outlet but what we do is keep you informed in the latest news. We’re a website you can trust with accurate news from MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing.

FightBookMMA covers from local to all major promotions. We strive to do our best in bringing you up-to-date news on MMA, Boxing and everything Combat Sports related.

FightBookMMA is on scene and ready to cover events in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and London area. We interview Cage Fighters, Boxers, Bjj practitioners, Muay Thai and Kickboxers from Amateurs to Professionals.

On average we publish anywhere from 5 to 15 articles daily. We continue to grow and our fan base continues to grow on all social medias. We are nationally and internationally known with dedicated fans that support us. We have a close relationship with many fighters, promoters, managers and staff from very well-known organizations. 

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