AFC 116
May 20, 2015 11:30 PM EDT
Venue: Sullivan Arena
Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Monday May 18th, 2015– AFC celebrates 11 year with AFC 116 “Best of the Best 11” May 20th at the Sullivan Arena! The Light Heavyweight Title is on the line as challenger, and former champion Stephen “The Incredible Hulk” Waalkes takes on wrestling powerhouse, Champion Dillin “Biggin” Wiggins. With a 14-3 record Wiggins is looking to take out anyone who challenges him to retain his championship belt. Waalkes is looking to take back what is his after having to relinquish his belt due to injuries.

Also on the card is a 205 pound fight years in the making. Brian “The Punisher” Platfoot makes his way back to the AFC cage after a 6 year layoff to take on Jason “Showtime” Coomes. Both these men have come down from heavyweight to fight at 205 and will be in the best shape of their lives. These guys do not like each other and they will look to settle it in the cage!

Don’t miss a minute of the AFC 116 action! Catch the event streaming LIVE on and GFL.

Main Event:

Stephen “The Incredible Hulk” Waalkes vs. Dillin “Biggins” Wiggins

Co-main Event:

Hipa “The Samoan Redneck” Fouvale vs. Tommy “Pot Belly Assassin” Ide


Anthony Barthol vs. Dakota Palmer

Zack “Babaybear” Eastlick vs. TBD TBD

Clifton “CJ” Harris vs. Dominic Meriweather

Tae Yoon vs. Chris Johnson

Brian “The Punisher” Platfoot vs. Jason “Showtime” Coomes

Isaiah Edwards vs. Joey Faletagoa’i

Andre Harvin vs. Billy Gibson

Daniel Silook vs. Charlie Johnson

(Courtesy and Credit to AFC’s Facebook)

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