After capturing Brave title, Ottman Azaitar starts “International Belt Tour”

Ottman Azaitar had the performance of his career as he became the first-ever Brave Lightweight champion with a third-round Knockout over Alejandro “Pato” Martínez in the main event of Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. The Moroccan has kicked off his celebration and is currently on a “tour” of his newly-acquired world title belt.

Azaitar’s first stop was with the traditional Atatreh Family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The champion was celebrated by everyone in association with the Atatreh’s and, in a sign of gratitude, has left his fight shorts and gloves with the family.

“We’ve been celebrating in Dubai, where I was received by the Atatreh Family. They organized a big party for me and really celebrated my victory, they were even happier than me that I won! It was very nice to receive that support, and seeing how proud everyone was of our achievements”, said Azaitar.

His next stop has been with Dr. Mohamed Ait Ouali, Morocco’s ambassador in Abu Dhabi, who’s also proud of The Bulldozer’s performance at Brave 9.

“I’ve been invited to have a talk with the Ambassador of Morocco in Abu Dhabi, and he’s also very proud of our work. It’s been an amazing few days, getting to know some of the people that cheer for us and that celebrated my victory. It’s so nice to see that recognition”, claims Azaitar, who has one last stop in his “championship tour”.

“Yes, I have to go to Germany and enjoy this with the rest of my family. My mother and my sisters have cheered so much for me. I really didn’t expect everything that’s been happening. I’ve made so many people proud and I really appreciate how nice everyone has been to me”, says the new champion, still soaking in the glory from his victory.

Ottman Azaitar’s title-winning performance at Brave 9: