After shocking title win, “Predator” gets “gold-fever”: ‘I want three BRAVE CF belts”

Cleiton “Predator” put a violently quick ending (for now) to his rivalry with former world champion Luan “Miau” by submitting him in 32 seconds at BRAVE 25’s main event, held in his hometown of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, last Friday. The new BRAVE CF world champion says he still “can’t believe” he reached the top, but claims there’s much more to come.

Even though he’s 33 years old, Cleiton is still a young man in the game, with a 15-2 record, which has been improved with the victory over one of the toughest Lightweights in the world. As he announces himself to the MMA globe, “The Predator” aims higher.

“You know, age is just a number. I’m over the moon at finally getting my due, getting my respect, and getting the recognition I know I deserve. I’m a world champion! For BRAVE CF, the best company! This is crazy! But I have more plans, bigger plans. I want to take on the next challenge, I want to go up to Super Lightweight, I want to sweep the stakes, and get to Welterweight, win the title there too”, said “Predator”, who claimed he would even drop to Featherweight if he could.

“If I could fight without a leg, I would go for the Featherweight belt too (laughs). I don’t care what people will say, I mean, outside of Belo Horizonte, no one believed I could beat Luan, and here we are. I love proving people wrong and I look forward to doing it again soon”, sentenced the new champion.

BRAVE 25 took place at Arena Minas Tenis Clube, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, as some of the top Brazilian fighters clashed with each other and the biggest foreign names in the BRAVE CF ranks. It was the fourth time the fastest-growing MMA promotion in the world held a show in Brazil, reaffirming its commitment with the development of the scene in the spiritual home of the sport.

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