Age just a number for Grant Hartwig

Grant Hartwig steps into the cage at Shamrock FC 321 for his sixth time as a professional. He’s looking for his third straight first-round stoppage win since returning to the cage in 2018 for the first time in a decade. Before his big fight on Aug. 10 in Kansas City, MO, he spoke with FightBook MMA.

What is that kept you out of the cage?

I was married, I had a son, and my family was my priority. That’s it (laughs).

Was the plan always to come back?

I was always training, like if my teammates had a fight, and I was always very active. I’ve always enjoyed competition and wrestled from a young age, and this is as close as it’s going to get to wrestling.

Are you at all surprised by your success since coming back?

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No, I’m prepared. I train with some of the best guys (at Glory MMA) and, when you do that, you should compete at a high level.

How much has being a fighter changed from 2005, when you started, to 2019? Has there been a significant change?

Absolutely. If you look at where the UFC and the sport in general was in 2005 to where it is now, there’s been a huge difference. Fighters are much more well-rounded; blending all of those styles that used to make a fighter unique and dangerous, is where the sport is going now.

How much longer would you like to compete?

That’s a tough one. Until I’m not able to. I enjoy it. A lot of people are surprised to learn I’m 45; I feel like I’m 28 years old. That’s not just something I say. My mind and body is sharp. I’m good.



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