Alisa Apps Rebels Against Authority In Boxing Foregin Policies

American boxer Alisa Apps is challenging the President of the Boxing Federation in Colombia, Alberto Torres, due to being scammed into fighting a 3 minute round in Women’s boxing.

Training in Women’s boxing equips fighters to be prepared for 2 minute rounds, this Colombian match ran for 3 minutes. This change in the rules ultimately invalidates the fight in its entirety.

Alisa Apps believes her opponent expected the fight to run for 3 minutes resulting in Apps being scammed out of this fight. She has written a letter contesting this decision and highlights the advantage that the boxing federation in Colombia took over an American boxer.

About Alisa Apps: After 5 years of training, Alisa Apps is now a professional boxer who has had her fair share of obstacles to face. From suing Universal Music Group and John Newman for copyright infringement to fighting in men’s rules with 3 minute rounds in Colombia and having the fight given to her opponent, nothing keeps Alisa Apps from moving forward. Apps continues to unleash her distrust in authority in her music while embracing her independence, being a voice for underdogs and intimidating those in power of jurisdiction.


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