All India Mixed Martial Arts Association joins IMMAF

( London. November 3rd 2014)- The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) celebrates the affiliation of its newest member, the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA).

In its official statement, AIMMAA said: “The National board members and working committees of the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association are privileged to join the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. As India’s largest and oldest registered MMA organization we are honoured to represent the IMMAF in India. Our motto for the last 10 years has been to protect the athletes and promote the sport. The IMMAF affiliation helps take our sport and our organization to new heights. With an active membership database of over 5000 members covering trained and certified officials, trainers and fighters, we believe that this new partnership between the AIMMAA and the IMMAF will benefit the entire Indian MMA community.”

AIMMAA offers open access to membership to everyone in India from martial artists to sports enthusiasts; also welcoming legitimate instructors from all combat sports to join hands with the organisation. Every gym, club and martial arts school that teaches MMA as part of its curriculum is offered a nationally recognised MMA training program which covers everything from ‘MMA for Fitness’ to a 2 year instructor program. AIMMAA has a dedicated division for police and military training in India; and according to Ministry of Sports’ policy, the AIMMA runs a separate division for women pledging to actively promote women’s MMA all year round. Among its projects AIMMAA also works with the Bollywood film industry to secure action roles for talented AIMMAA members and athletes.

“It is fantastic to at last be able welcome India to the IMMAF” says IMMAF Secretary General, Erika Mattsson. “From no other country have we had more applications over the course of the last 2,5 years and interest in MMA is tremendous. It has been a long road for us to learn about MMA in India and assess how the IMMAF best supports the Indian MMA community, and we are now content that we have found a stable federation that will include all interested parties in the MMA community in its growing family. With its strong track record, increasing membership, extended network and well developed divisions, AIMMAA is a mature organisation with much to bring to the international IMMAF community. We very much look forward to working with AIMMAA to develop Mixed Martial Arts regulation in India”.

As is a requirement of the IMMAF, AIMMAA promotes a democratic membership structure across India’s regions. The AIMMAA has membership on four levels: individual, gym/club, town (a ‘taluka’) and district/state. District and state associations under the AIMMAA are required as part of AIMMAA’s criteria to register and establish their associations as per the rules of the Ministry of Sports, the Olympic associations and the School Games Federation. The IMMAF recommends all parties interested in developing MMA in India to contact AIMMAA and get involved.

National Technical Directors of the AIMMAA :
Alan Fenandes – MMA / BJJ
Daniel Isaac – MMA / Muay Thai
Yashpal Solanki – Judo Arjuna awardee
Kamal Mujtaba – boxing
Mohan Singh – kickboxing
Yashpal Kalsi – karate
Sharif Bapu – karate
Abbas Ali – Strength / conditioning
Lorelei Isaac – fitness / nutrition
Anup Kumar – wrestling
Mayur Bansode – karate / kickboxing

International Technical Consultants of the AIMMAA:
Marcus Olivera [ Brazil] – BJJ
Andy Wang [Taiwan] – BJJ / MMA
Dejan Tesic [ Serbia] – BJJ / Muay Thai
Suresh Gopi – Sambo , Jiu Jitsu and Pankration
Edgar Noordanus – Muay Thai

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