American Muay Thai League
Jun 20, 2015 7:00 PM EDT
Venue: Thurgood Marshall Center
Location: Washington DC


Tuesday June 16, 2015– On Saturday, June 20th, in the heart of Washington, DC, the American Muay Thai League (AMTL) will be hosting its fourth event: Muay Thai in the Capital. This promises to be the promotion’s most exciting show to date. As the fight community begins to take notice of the AMTL’s commitment to authentic Muay Thai, a variety of pro and amateur fighters have decided to make the trip to DC for a spot on June 20th’s card.

Important gyms from all over the East Coast will be represented at this show. The main event features two fighters from Pennsylvania and New York: Pittsburgh Muay Thai’s Marcus Fisher and Five Point’s Adam Todd. Other participating gyms from New York include Sitan Gym Astoria, Team Coban and others.

This event also gives many local fighters a chance to test their skills. Gyms from DC proper, Maryland and Virginia feature prominently on the card. In fact, according to Josef Pearson, head of the AMTL, the fight was going be held in Virginia to make things easier for the majority of participants. But staying true to authentic Muay Thai outweighed the convenience factor.

Ultimately, Pearson says, relocating the event to DC will be worth the unique advantages it offers. In DC, AMTL is not up against a large kickboxing or K-1 establishment. DC’s official Muay Thai rules are only a few years old. In fact, Pearson himself had a hand in writing them, drawing on his experience of fighting and promoting in Thailand. There are also many local judges who are well-trained in traditional scoring, he says. Making this a priority has helped the AMTL gain credibility.

As the geographical diversity on the card shows, sacrificing some convenience for the sake of priorities has helped the AMTL resonate across state lines. With the June 20th event, the AMTL demonstrates once again its dedication to building authentic Muay Thai on the East Coast. Catch the event live on

Co-Main Event

Amnie Balladrikh (Capital MMA, VA) vs. Jason Mueller 135

Main Event

Marcus Fisher (Pittsburgh MT) vs. Adam Todd (5 Points MT NY) 168

Antonio Clavijo (Yamasaki Academy) vs. Adam Morris (Sitpayak NJ) 143
Jake Tran (Black Print) vs. Nick Brown (Beta Academy DC) 150
Tafon Nohukwi (Crazy 88 MD) vs. Matt Crites (Calvert MMA) Heaayweight 220 +
Abbe Pannucci (MD Combat Sports) vs. Yasmeen Salhani (Rami Elite, PA) 105
Jessica Garner (Maryland Combat Sports) vs. Brandice Peltier (5 Points MT NY, NY) 135
Rolando Valdez (Singsaambob) vs. Namron Bibbons (MD Combat Sports) 151
Keeman Diop (Crazy 88 MD) vs. TBA 154
Kevin Koljack (Beta Academy DC) vs. Allan Hargrove (MD Combat Sports) 175
Nick Haines (Striking 101 NY) vs. Ricardo Mixco (Crazy 88 MD) 128

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