American Muay Thai League

Friday March 6, 2015– American Muay Thai League returns on on March 7 with “American Muay Thai League” from the Thurgood Marshall Center in Washington, DC with 10 Muay Thai bouts that are sure to have bone-rattling KOs and hard-hitting action. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be a host of bone rattling knockouts as these strikers look to take one another out in the ring.

In the main event, Chase Walden from Grindstone Muay Thai battles Remi Singh of Militia Muay Thai NY in a 165lb bout. Walden brings a granite chin into the ring. Walden throws strikes with such ferocity that any punch, kick or knee he lands can change the course of the fight. Singh is a very technical striker, who mixes up his combos beautifully and usually keeps his opponent on the defensive. Singh has tremendous leg kicks mixed with a stiff jab that lets him dictate space and distance inside the ring. Look for this fight to be in the running for fight of the night.

In the co-main event, Rolando Valdez of UFC Gym Maryland takes on Omar Estevez of Sitan Gym New York in a match of 150lb fighters. Valdez is looking to make a name for himself and has shown an ability to land his combos almost at will against past opponents. He is quick to the punch and usually out distances his foes with precession striking. Estevez has shown KO power to go along with an unwavering will. Don’t blink as these two men are at the head of their division and will battle each other to become the alpha male at 150lb.

In other action, Evan Green of Discipline MMA fights Joel Regigano of Capital MMA in a fight in the 147lb division. Green is a durable fighter who is coming into his own as a complete Muay Thai fighter. He mixes up his combos well and doesn’t take much damage in the ring. Regigano is very elusive and has great reflexes making him a tough target to hit. Regigano also has great cardio and can outwork his opponent in the later rounds.

If you love the art of striking, there is no better iPPV for you to order than the “American Muay Thai League”. American Muay Thai League always puts on great shows and this event will up the ante of top-level Muay Thai. Order now!!

Mar 07, 2015 7:00 PM EST
Venue: Thurgood Marshall Center
Location: Washington DC

Main Event:

Chase Walden vs. Remi Singh

Co-main Event:

Oscar Valdez vs. Omar Estevez


Maxim Hodges vs. Markel Brown

Quac Tu vs. Jack Tran

Morgan Daily vs. Taylor Bezerra

Chance Forbes vs. Greg Anderson

Antonio Ruby vs. David Chung

Evan Green vs. Joel Regigano

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