Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz set for Jan. 31 in Las Vegas

By: DC Cartwright

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After years of fans begging for Dana White to sign a so-called “superfight”, it has been announced via his personal Twitter account that Anderson Silva will be fighting Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on January 31st 2015. It will indeed be a 5 round main event, and will take place at 185lbs,the same weight Silva fought at when he reigned supreme over the middleweight division for most of the past decade.

“Lunch with GOAT @spideranderson and just got the Diaz fight done!!!” read White’s tweet. The UFC followed up with it’s own shortly thereafter confirming White’s plans.

While some may claim a bout between the consensus GOAT, and a fighter who’s current stint in the UFC has produced a 1 – 2 record does not a superfight make, White would have you all believe otherwise thank you very much.

“The fight the fans have been waiting for, the fight the fans have been screaming for…we have made Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz, Jan.31st in Las Vegas,” Fearless Leader proclaimed on ESPN’s Sportcenter this afternoon. “It will be the main event, and it will be 5 rounds.”

Though it may not be a superfight in the traditional sense of champion vs. champion, previous calls for superfights involved GSP/Silva, Silva/Jones,Velasquez/Jones, it is still going to be one of the most highly anticipated fights in recent memory. For Silva it will be his first time back in the octagon since his nauseating leg fracture against current Middleweight champ Chris Weidman, almost exactly 13 months to the day. It will be an even longer stretch of inactivity for Diaz, the kid from Stockton hasn’t fought since losing a unanimous 5 round decision to Georges St-Pierre in a title fight way back in March of 2013. The reasons for Diaz’s layoff are numerous, but the allure of the big money bout with Silva is certainly what drew him back into action.

So the fight us fans have been screaming for, now that previous incarnations have failed to materialize, has been granted. And it should keep us distracted and happily placated for the remainder of the calendar year. So toss out your letters to Santa Claus for this holiday season, Uncle Dana’s got this.

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